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Spray out and crop protectionSpray out and crop protection

As we head into autumn, its time to consider your spray out plan to ensure successful establishment of new crops or pasture.

Here are some tips to consider:

» When spraying out an old crop or pasture in readiness for planting a new one, walk the area to assess the grass and broadleaf weed species. This helps with product choice and dose rate. If targeting perennial weeds, don’t compromise on the glyphosate dose rate.

» Some glyphosates may require additional adjuvants and buffers. Using the correct broadleaf weed companion herbicide (spike) helps control broadleaf weeds. Note, many broadleaf weed spikes have a residual effect on the following crop.

» When using glyphosate in hard water areas, note the cation impurities in the water that can lock up glyphosate and cause some of it to be inactive. This is particularly a problem when using spray water from a borehole, creek or filling the sprayer with water stored in metal tanks over a long period of time. Remedy by adding a water conditioner such as X-Change. Add X-Change to the water before glyphosate.

New pastureNew pasture
Headstart | Shop NowHeadstart | Shop Now


Use Headstart herbicide to control broadleaf weeds in pasture and seed crops containing clovers and ryegrass, lucerne and chicory. This formulation has an in-built adjuvant and is clover friendly.

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Tropotox Ultra | Shop nowTropotox Ultra | Shop now

Tropotox Ultra

Tropotox Ultra is a clover safe selective herbicide used to control broadleaf weeds in young and established pasture, cereals, peas and in white clover and grass seed crops.

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Give new pasture a headstart

Spray contractors Kevin and Andrew Fry (K & A Fry Contracting) recommend Headstart for weed control in new pasture. They’ve used the product extensively over the last two to three seasons, seeing safe and consistent control of a range of broadleaf weeds in new pasture.

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Nail the spray outNail the spray out
Lion 490 | Shop NowLion 490 | Shop Now

Lion 490 DST

A non-selective systemic herbicide, controls some annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds in agricultural and horticultural sprayouts.

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Hammer Force | Shop nowHammer Force | Shop now

Hammer Force

Hammer Force can be added to glyphosate to speed up and improve the control of selected broadleaf weeds.

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Getting the spray-out right

When planning to plant a new crop or re-grass, at least one spray-out of the old crop or pasture should be undertaken. This means spraying the paddock to kill all remaining foliage of the old crop and weeds to allow the establishment of the new crop without having to compete with large established weeds already in-situ.

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Grass weed controlGrass weed control
Tordon™ Brushkiller XT | Shop NowTordon™ Brushkiller XT | Shop Now

Tordon™ Brushkiller XT

A selective herbicide for controlling a range of brush weeds. This herbicide is grass friendly so pasture for grazing is not compromised.

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Tordon™ PastureBoss | Shop nowTordon™ PastureBoss | Shop now

Tordon™ PastureBoss

A selective post-emergent herbicide for control of a range of broadleaf weeds in established pasture, including deep rooted perennial weeds.

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Weed control in new pastureWeed control in new pasture

Weed control in new pasture

When establishing a new pasture, your end game is to have a high performing feed for your livestock. With perennial pasture, you want persistence of good quality and weed-free feed.

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Brassica ManagementBrassica Management

In brassica crops, monitor for weeds and pests in late-sown brassica crops and treat accordingly. Look for invasion by white butterfly, diamond back moth and aphids that can devastate crops over summer. Remember Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and beneficial insects help reduce pest numbers so factor this in when selecting an insecticide.

Brassica ManagementBrassica Management

Managing broadleaf weeds and prolonging the life of pastures


Controlling viruses in brassica and fodder beet crops


Grass grub in new pasture needs to be controlled


Weed control for forage brassicasWeed control for forage brassicas
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