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Corson Maize Hybrids

Corson Maize has developed a proud history of sourcing maize and sweetcorn seed from growers in Gisborne.

Corson Maize sources genetics from international companies providing the building blocks of a successful hybrid. This ensures Corson products display the key traits of reliability, yield and agronomic performance.

This season's key seed varieties

PAC 624PAC 624

PAC 081

79 CRM Silage & 86 CRM Grain

A very early maturing hybrid suitable for all maize growing regions around New Zealand, PAC 081 is a tall, attractive hybrid with impressive silage and grain yield potential. With a strong agronomic package, PAC 081 is also suited well to systems that require an early maturing hybrid in all regions in NZ.


PAC007 (Booster)

81 CRM Silage & 88 CRM Grain

A dual purpose hybrid suited to the South Island, lower North Island and other regions where an exceptionally high yielding, early maturing maize hybrid is required. From its excellent early growth it develops into a large bulky plant with a solid girthy ear.

PAC 456PAC 456

PAC 050

85 CRM Silage

PAC 050 is a tall, imposing, early maturing silage hybrid with an impressive silage yield. PAC 050 also has a relatively large harvest window for its maturity group due to its good end of season plant health, and strong roots and stalks.

PAC 624PAC 624

PAC 119

90 CRM Silage

This well-balanced medium-tall plant offers very good standability, very good Northern Leaf Blight tolerance, and excellent stalk strength. It also has excellent drought tolerance and staygreen, supported by AriDapt™ drought-ready technology, ensuring reliable results across various environments and seasons.

PAC 564PAC 564

PAC 100 (Comet)

92 CRM Silage

PAC 100 is a silage hybrid that offers high total energy and very good staygreen for a long harvest window. This widely adapted hybrid features broad leaves on a medium-tall plant that provides plenty of bulk. Additionally, the high kernel-row count and deep kernels produce silage with high grain content.

PAC 624PAC 624

PAC 144

94 CRM Silage

This medium-tall plant shows very good early growth, with long, girthy cobs and very good husk cover. It also boasts a very good disease package, making it an excellent choice for farmers looking to optimise their yield potential.

PAC 456PAC 456

PAC 249

95 CRM Silage & 97 CRM Grain

This mid-season dual-purpose hybrid is ideal for central regions, with AriDapt™ drought-ready technology ensuring reliable results across various environments and seasons. It performs exceptionally well at lower planting rates, making it a great choice for farmers looking to optimise their yields.


PAC295 (N39-Q1)

97 CRM Silage & 100 CRM Grain

Characterised by a tall plant and a large flex ear giving it excellent silage yields with high grain content. It has a sound agronomic package including very good stalk strength and drought tolerance.


PAC200 (Afinity)

97 CRM Silage & 100 CRM Grain

A medium-tall hybrid characterised by a uniform well-filled cob with deep toothed kernels, giving high yields of good quality grain. With market leading Northern Leaf Blight tolerance, PAC 200 (Afinity) is well suited for use in high NLB pressure areas in NZ providing stable, high silage and grain yields.

PAC 564PAC 564

PAC 314

101 CRM Silage

This mid-season dual-purpose hybrid is a medium-tall, well-structured plant that offers plenty of eye-appeal. It is supported by AriDapt™ drought-ready technology, ensuring reliable results across various environments and seasons, making it an excellent choice for farmers looking to maximise their yields.

PAC 624PAC 624

PAC 344

102 CRM Silage

This mid-full season dual-purpose hybrid is suitable for central and upper North Island regions. It features a unique, medium-height, compact plant with thick stalks and very broad leaves, boasting excellent stalks and Northern Leaf Blight profiles.

PAC 564PAC 564

PAC 432

105 CRM Silage & 107 CRM Grain

This tall but well-balanced type is moderately leafy, featuring large uniform ears with typically 18 kernels around and large kernels. It offers very good drought and stress tolerance, excellent stalk strength, Northern Leaf Blight resistance, excellent staygreen and late-season plant health.

PAC 624PAC 624

PAC 355 (G49-T9)

104 CRM Silage

PAC 355 is a mid-late maturing silage hybrid well suited to the central and upper regions of NZ. PAC 355 has a high silage yield potential but requires a lower than normal planting rate to achieve best results.


PAC400 (Plenitude)

107 CRM Silage

PAC 400 is a stable hybrid producing high yields of maize silage. The large leaves on this tall plant catch the eye and the medium-soft textured, deep kernels produce high quality feed for dairy cows.

PAC 456PAC 456

PAC 430

108 CRM Silage

This medium-tall plant is supported by AriDapt™ drought-ready technology, its well-balanced canopy provides good bulk, with long, girthy ears typically featuring 18 kernels round. It offers excellent grain quality, very good staygreen and standability, and finishes strong due to its excellent drought tolerance and very good late-season plant health.

PAC 456PAC 456

PAC 456

109 CRM Silage

Full season, dual purpose hybrid for northern and southern regions, with a very good staygreen and a lengthy grain fill period provides a long harvest window.

PAC 624PAC 624

PAC 500 (Z71-F1)

111 CRM Silage

PAC 500 is a full maturity silage hybrid, developed in New Zealand by Corson Maize. Its large plant with a sound agronomic package delivers high grain yield and excellent performance in this maturity.

PAC 564PAC 564

PAC 564

113 CRM Silage & 115 CRM Grain

A unique medium, bulky hybrid in a season bracket dominated by tall plants. PAC 564 has shown itself to be much more resilient, adaptable and resistant to lodging than all other hybrids tested in this bracket. It has very good drought tolerance and NLB tolerance, providing a large harvest window.

PAC 624PAC 624

PAC 624

115 CRM Silage

PAC 624 is an ultra-full season suited for use in the Bay of Plenty, North Waikato and Northland. With an extended harvest window, PAC 624 is a great choice for growers who want to maximise yield by planting early and harvesting late. For best results, PAC 624 requires a lower than normal planting population.

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