Crop & Pasture Management

Have a read of our crop and pasture management hub for tips and advice to assist you in growing pasture, brassicas, fodder beet, Lucerne and maize.
Here you’ll find out how to achieve optimal yields with advice on seed selection,  effectively controlling pests and disease and getting the right fertiliser depending on your soil type.
With our team incorporating Technical Field Representatives, Agronomists and Soil Scientists and Animal Nutritionists, you’ve come to the right place find practical, up to date information to help you this season.

Looking for spring seed varieties?

The effects of soil fertility on growing maize

Maize silage and grain are potentially high yielding crops that play an important role within New Zealand’s pastoral systems. Their potential yield will be affected by the physical and chemical fertility of the soil. There are some issues to consider when planning and growing a crop of maize. Read more

Having the right PPE for the job

All agrichemical product labels will give you information about the minimum PPE required for their use. Our top tips:

  1. Eye/face protection: Wear safety goggles or a face shield when mixing agri-chemicals and when there is a possibility of spray drift. 
  2. Gloves: Nitrile gloves are the most versatile for handling agri-chemicals. PVC gloves are also adequate.
  3. Protective spray suit: Always wear your spray suit as well as your gloves and boots. Wear protective clothing before mixing and spraying, and while cleaning up equipment.
  4. Respirators: Choosing the right respirator, including filter, is important. Adjust your face mask to fit comfortably over your nose and mouth, so that you can breath freely but that you are breathing in through the filter. Replace filters after about 6 months.