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Our crop monitoring programmes have been designed for each major horticultural crop grown in New Zealand. Programmes are flexible and easily adapted to suit various production schedules, growing conditions and individual grower requirements. 

Our programmes involve:

» Timely monitoring by trained & certified scouts

» Accurate insect and disease identification

» Precise timing of control measures

» Documented support for spray programmes

Meeting international requirements 

Regulatory authorities and overseas markets place increasing constraints on chemical use, seeking auditable records of pest and disease incidence to ‘justify’ application of crop protection products. Our crop monitoring programmes adhere to GLOBALGAP recommendations which look to reduce the use of chemical inputs in line with world food safety standards.


How do I view the data?
Comprehensive data on pest and disease levels is collected by our trained crop monitoring scouts and loaded daily into a database capable of storing current and historic information from multiple crop types. This provideaccurate reports allowing growers to meet food safety, traceability and quality assurance criteria.
Pheromone trapping
Pheromone trap monitoring is an essential IPM tool used to manage moth pests. Our pheromone trap monitoring service includes the full management of traps including the correct placement of traps and the replenishment of bases and caps in accordance with trap monitoring guidelines. Weekly monitoring and records of catch data is given to growers and serves as valuable information for determining optimal spray timing.

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