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Through our Technical Team's connection  with New Zealand Avocado, our reps are up to date on industry issues, and can work collaboratively to extend information out to growers.

Our Technical Advisor undertakes research and development into new products, which reps can share with growers, increasing product knowledge and understanding amongst the industry.

Our Latest Tech-Know Tips

Going into autumn, monitor for
six-spotted mite and greenhouse thrips
and control with DC-Tron® Plus Organic if required. Mit é Mec® or Avid® mixed with DC-Tron Plus Organic can also be used for mites. Calypso® is another good option for greenhouse thrips. More »

Scale and mealybug can be controlled
with DC-Tron Plus Organic or Dew™ 600, provided the maximum of two Dew applications have not already been used. More »

Phytophthora can still be managed during April being a high-risk period for this pathogen. Agri-fos® 600 or Foschek® are the products to use, remembering to evenly space the syringes. More »

Post-harvest is a good time to undertake root sampling as there is still root flush. More »

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