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Through our Technical Team's connection  with New Zealand Avocado, our reps are up to date on industry issues, and can work collaboratively to extend information out to growers.

Our Technical Advisor undertakes research and development into new products, which reps can share with growers, increasing product knowledge and understanding amongst the industry.

Our Latest Tech-Know Tips

July is a good time to put in place a tree nutrition programme for the coming season and apply nutrients as required. Fertiliser applications little and often is the best approach. Time these round rainfall events if not using fertigation as a lack of rain impedes nutrient uptake. Frost protection is important for orchards prone to frost conditions. More »

Six-spotted mites can also overwinter in the orchards, particularly in warmer northern regions, so monitoring and control is important. D-C-Tron® Plus Organic is a good option, particularly if mixed with miticides. More »

Fruit rot management recommendations are to apply at least eight copper sprays per year and research shows that applying at least six copper sprays leads to improved rot management. July is a good time to control the fungi which cause fruit rots with copper products such as Kocide® Opti™ or Tri-Base Blue®. More »

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