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Our team have numerous connections within the kiwifruit industry with organisations like Zespri, Kiwifruit Vine Health and postharvest facilities. These relationships ensure our reps are up to date on key issues and topics, and can work collaboratively to extend information out to the wider industry.

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April is a mixed period of pre-harvest, harvesting and post-harvest, depending on your orchard. If still pre-harvest and your summer monitoring found scale and leaf roller numbers over threshold, which required the application of control products, check to see the control measures worked. More »

This is useful information on the efficacy of current control practices considering the high scale levels around kiwifruit regions. If at postharvest, ask your postharvest facility to report your scale numbers from your maturity areas as this can assist decision making on where to concentrate scale control efforts next season. More »

If passion vine hopper and cicadas have been a problem, then sooty mould may be present. Help prevent the establishment of sooty mould with regular applications of TripleX®. Other fruit stains can be treated with KiwiLustre LF™ or citric acid. More »

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