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Supported by Technical Advisors, our Technical Horticultural Representatives around New Zealand have a wealth of knowledge on producing profitable and productive pipfruit crops. 

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Peak black spot ascospore production occurs between mid/late September and late October/early November. As little as 0.2 mm of rain is sufficient to stimulate the release of ascospores. During this primary infection period, ensure your black spot protectant programme is robust to protect new emerging leaves and fruitlets. More »

Apples and pears are at greatest risk of fireblight infection during the bloom period as the bacteria readily infect flowers. Good control relies on the timing of strategic sprays prior to infection periods. More »

Novagib® is an almost pure GA4 product with 92-97 percent in its makeup which controls russet and supports fruit size and fruit-set. Best results are achieved when a Novagib programme is started during flowering, with up to four applications at 10 day intervals through the fruit-set and early development period. More »

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