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Supported by Technical Advisors, our Technical Horticultural Representatives around New Zealand have a wealth of knowledge on producing profitable and productive pipfruit crops. 

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Winter months are the optimum time to take soil tests to help determine fertiliser programmes for the coming season. If your pH is low, apply lime now. More »

Prune out European canker and fire blight cankers during the dormant periodand burn or bury to destroy the inoculum. Protect cuts as soon as possible with an effective pruning wound protectant such as PruneTec or Greenseal Ultra™. More »

When removing cankers, the infected wood must be removed from the orchard, otherwise it can continue to produce spores. European Canker lesions can look similar to other diseases such as fire blight cankers or Botryosphaeria. All such cankers should be removed and burned. More »

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