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Crop Monitoring

Our crop monitoring division has eight teams located within the major horticultural growing regions. Scouts are in the field monitoring for pests diseases and beneficial insects, across a range of crops, with programmes able to be adapted to suit various production schedules, growing conditions and individual grower requirements.

The accurate identification of insects and diseases enables precise control measures to be put in place at the right time and minimises financial costs associated with crop management. Both the records of identified pests and diseases and of the applications to control these can be produced into auditable reports.



Meet Our Team

Meet Anna from our Fruitfed Supplies Crop Monitoring teamMeet Anna from our Fruitfed Supplies Crop Monitoring team

Anna Graham
Crop Monitoring Manager

Dr Anna Graham, has completed a Masters on carbohydrate accumulation during dormancy and its effect on budburst and graft formation, and did her PhD thesis on young vine decline. She drew on her expertise with the management of pests and diseases for two major grapevine nurseries before following her other key area of interest, food science, in Australia developing and commercialising fermentation products for human and animal food, and manufacturing ingredients for global food companies.

Meet Anton from our Fruitfed Supplies Crop Monitoring teamMeet Anton from our Fruitfed Supplies Crop Monitoring team

Anton Herselman
Crop Monitoring Coordinator – Bay of Plenty

Originally from Zimbabwe, Anton Herselman studied in the United Kingdom to complete a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in agriculture before working in Germany for a global tobacco company where he managed the training and development programmes for agronomy technicians in Brazil, Africa and Asia. Having moved to New Zealand, Anton enjoys running his own avocado orchard alongside his new role with Fruitfed Supplies.

Meet Lea from our Fruitfed Supplies Crop Monitoring teamMeet Lea from our Fruitfed Supplies Crop Monitoring team

Lea Sorensen
Crop Monitoring Coordinator - Northland

Lea joined the Fruitfed crop monitoring team as a coordinator in 2012, having spent several years in the field monitoring avocados part time while raising her sons. Lea’s has grown with the expansion of avocado developments in Northland, reaching from Tapora near Wellsford, to Ngataki nearly at Cape Reinga. Lea manages a large team of crop monitoring scouts across Northland, working on avocado, citrus and kiwifruit orchards.

Meet Luke from our Fruitfed Supplies Crop Monitoring teamMeet Luke from our Fruitfed Supplies Crop Monitoring team

Luke Bottriell
Crop Monitoring Coordinator – Hawke’s Bay

Luke Bottriell brings ten years’ experience as a fruit and grape grower to his role as the new Crop Monitoring Coordinator for Hawke’s Bay. He’s always enjoyed the technical side of horticulture and developing his knowledge. Enabling staff to learn and educating growers so they have the best outcome for their crop each season is something he is passionate about. Luke also enjoys working with people, understanding growers’ needs for crop monitoring and how his team can help and support them.

Meet Pete from our Fruitfed Supplies Crop Monitoring teamMeet Pete from our Fruitfed Supplies Crop Monitoring team

Carla Daley
Crop Monitoring Administrator

I was lucky enough to join the fabulous Crop Monitoring Team as an Administrator in mid-2021. I am originally from Taranaki so am a proud “Naki” girl, even though I am based in Papakura Auckland.  I was raised on a Friesian dairy farm and was heavily involved in the A&P circuit in our district. We also had a kiwifruit and lemon orchard, so it is great to be back involved in the industry. I am fully committed to helping the Crop Monitoring Team grow and making sure our service exceeds all expectations.

Meet Melanie from our Fruitfed Supplies Crop Monitoring teamMeet Melanie from our Fruitfed Supplies Crop Monitoring team

Melanie Wilkinson
Crop Monitoring Administrator

Melanie started with Fruitfed Supplies in 2005 in Crop Monitoring as a part time data entry operator.  Melanie was soon after promoted to Technical Services Office Manager where she looked after both the Crop Monitoring team and Research & Development team with administration duties.  In 2022, Melanie became Crop Monitoring Administrator and is based in the Hastings branch.

Crop Monitoring Provides You With: 

Fruitfed Supplies Crop Monitoring ServicesFruitfed Supplies Crop Monitoring Services

What Our Programme Includes:

Meeting international requirements

As international markets demand greater traceability and transparency within the supply chain, growers are faced with mandatory crop monitoring to meet the requirements of export markets. Our Crop Monitoring service is designed to meet these standards according to the specific crop. Our programmes also adhere to GLOBALGAP recommendations which aim to reduce the use of chemical inputs alongside world food safety standards.

Producing auditable data (GFM/digitalisation):

Our Crop Monitoring programmes produce readily available digital reports on insect, disease and weed pressure levels as proof of application after applying crop protection products. PGG Wrightson and Fruitfed Supplies use the digital tool Greenlight Farm Management, to record what is observed in the field. From there the tool generates reports which can be used for auditing purposes to meet compliance and market access requirements.

Pheromone trapping

Pheromone trap monitoring is an essential Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tool used to manage moth pests. Our pheromone trap monitoring service includes the full management of traps, beginning with the correct placement of the traps as well as the replenishment of bases and caps in accordance with trap monitoring guidelines. Weekly monitoring involves recording the catch data which is used by growers to help determine the optimal time to apply sprays.

Here's Our Latest Updates

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