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Our Pipfruit Knowledge

Our team supports apple and pear growers throughout Hawke's Bay and Tasman. From the early days, Fruitfed Supplies has worked closely with the apple industry and has developed close relationships with some of the largest apple growers, packers and exporters in the country.

Fruitfed Supplies' Research and Development activities have traditionally had a heavy focus on apple production, and we have worked with a number of apple growers to host trials on their orchards to ensure any new products released to the market performs and meet stringent market requirements for this product.  

Pipfruit Tech-Know Tips For August

Monitor for:

  • During winter pruning, observe European red mite (ERM) egg numbers over-wintering on your trees. If ERM monitoring results exceed threshold, add Apollo® Miticide with your D-C-Tron® Organic oil application at late
    dormant to suppress populations of critical pests. Ensure thorough coverage and agitate drums before use.
  • Targeted application of dormancy breakers can advance and/or compress bud-break and subsequently flowering. Several options are available so talk to your Fruitfed Supplies Representative for advice on product choice and timing.

Consider applying:

  • Make base fertiliser applications this month if not already done. If soil test results indicate pH was too low, apply lime.
  • Start your new season crop protection programme with a copper spray at late dormant to help control European canker, fireblight and black spot. Do not apply copper after late dormancy to minimise the risk of russet, especially on russetsensitive varieties.
  • Next come black spot control applications timed with the first sign of green tip for each variety to protect susceptible new-emerging leaves. Then spray preventatively in anticipation of rain every five to seven days.
    Syllit® Plus is a good option for green tip due to its translaminar movement in the leaf and cool spring conditions do not impact efficacy.

    ACVM Registration Numbers: Apollo® Miticide #P007251, D-C-Tron® Plus Organic #P008124, Syllit® Plus#P004155. Read the registered label before use.

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