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Our Pipfruit Knowledge

Our team supports apple and pear growers throughout Hawke's Bay and Tasman. From the early days, Fruitfed Supplies has worked closely with the apple industry and has developed close relationships with some of the largest apple growers, packers and exporters in the country.

Fruitfed Supplies' Research and Development activities have traditionally had a heavy focus on apple production, and we have worked with a number of apple growers to host trials on their orchards to ensure any new products released to the market performs and meet stringent market requirements for this product.  

Our Growers | Rockit Apples

Rockit apples are like other apples in that they’re grown on trees but then the team at the Hawke’s Bay company behind the miniature apples have taken their own path. 
A little larger than a golf ball, Rockit apples are marketed globally as healthy snacks and sold in recyclable plastic tubes. In some markets, a tube of five perfectly formed Rockit apples sells for $US10...

Our Growers | Birdhurst Ltd

Growing 300 ha of apples and 50 ha of gold kiwifruit in Motueka, Richard Clarkson appreciates the advice and support he receives from the Fruitfed Supplies team. With the company assisting the Birdhurst family for over 35 years, Richard says he appreciates being able to ring his rep and seek advice on product choice, along with having an extra set of eyes on the crops.  

Pipfruit Tech-Know Tips For June

  • When pruning, immediately prune out any cankers that are observed and remove the infected canker from the orchard. Protect pruning wounds immediately with a suitable wound protectant such as PruneTec or Greenseal Ultra.
  • When planning nitrogen as part of annual fertiliser applications, consider that too high a nitrogen status may induce stem-end splitting in Royal Gala and may depress colour development in Fuji and other red varieties. Excess nitrogen is also considered to be associated with higher numbers of European canker infections.
  • Following this season’s elevated disease pressure, there is potential for high inoculum carryover of disease pathogens such as black spot (Venturia inaequalis) through winter. Mulching and application of BioStart Digester or urea to the orchard floor has been shown to speed up breakdown of leaves and fruit that may harbour these pathogens.
  • During leaf-fall, protect leaf scars against European canker (Neonectria ditissima) infection with applications of a broad-spectrum fungicide, such as Fruitfed Captan 80WG or Fruitfed Copper Oxychloride.

    *ACVM registration numbers apply. Read registered label before use.

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