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Our team of Technical Horticultural Representatives are in the field helping fruit and vegetable growers with crop protection and fertiliser recommendations. You’ll also find our Crop Monitoring team in the field, monitoring crops for pests and diseases. Together, our team provides growers with an all-round service that can be relied upon.  

Specialist Crop Advice

Whether you are looking at establishing a new cherry operation in Central Otago, looking to further expand a vineyard in Marlborough or want some advice on a new pest that has made its way into your avocado orchard, our team of representatives bring years of technical experience and training to make it happen in the field.

Fruitfed Supplies has more than 50 Technical Horticultural Field Representatives supporting a wide range of crops that have been cornerstone to the international success of the New Zealand horticultural industry. Our field representatives are located in the main horticultural and viticultural regions, and service some of the largest orchards and vineyards in the country.

Crop Monitoring

Located throughout New Zealand, our Crop Monitoring team possess specialised crop knowledge which allows them to easily identify and report on insect pests and diseases across a range of crops. 

Fruitfed Supplies Crop MonitoringFruitfed Supplies Crop Monitoring

Crop Spray Programmes

Backed by its own specialist Research and Development team and close relationships with industry organisations across the entire horticultural industry, Fruitfed Supplies develop their own Crop Spray programmes. These are thoroughly reviewed to ensure all regulatory and market requirements are met and proven product chemistry is used.  

Fruitfed Supplies crop spray programmesFruitfed Supplies crop spray programmes

Soil and Leaf tests in progressSoil and Leaf tests in progress

Soil and Leaf Testing

Soil and leaf tests are important management tools for growers. They can be predictive to better inform a nutrient or fertiliser programme, or diagnostic to help establish reasons behind poor crop performance.

Soil tests provide biological and physical information. Leaf tests can be taken at various stages of a crop’s growth cycle and help assess the nutritional status of the plant. Both can be easily organised through your local Fruitfed Supplies Representative.

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Fruitfed Supplies Technical Team presenting trial data to staffFruitfed Supplies Technical Team presenting trial data to staff

Technical Extension Team

Forming the extension team, Fruitfed Supplies’ Technical Specialists keep up to date on the latest research, assessing how new products and technological innovations can benefit New Zealand growers. This includes being involved in product trials conducted by the Fruitfed Supplies R&D team and sharing the findings with in-store representatives and our Technical Horticultural Representatives.