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Technical Extension

Our Extension Approach

The Fruitfed Supplies Technical Extension Team supports the horticultural industry by sharing up-to-date technical advice and product knowledge. This knowledge is passed on to growers either via our own in-store and Technical Horticultural Representatives who get first hand access to the latest research findings, or directly through regular grower meetings and seminars held throughout the country. These grower meetings have become a frequent and popular event in the Fruitfed Supplies calendar, where our extension and R&D teams enjoy sharing recent research on growing practices and product advancements and discussing current trends in growing a range of crops.

The Extension Team is composed of Technical Specialists focused on keeping abreast of the latest research and of growing practices and issues. Working closely with Fruitfed Supplies' own Research and Development team, growers and suppliers, they take pride in increasing knowledge of new products and technological innovations and show how they can be applied to benefit New Zealand crops and improve growing practices.

Introducing Our Technical Specialists

Fruitfed Supplies Technical Specialist Elaine GouldFruitfed Supplies Technical Specialist Elaine Gould

Elaine Gould
Technical Specialist - Subtropicals

Elaine joined the Fruitfed Supplies Technical Team in September 2020 as the Technical Specialist in Subtropicals (kiwifruit, avocados, citrus and blueberries). Elaine has a passion for extending knowledge and information, providing staff and growers with knowledge to support growing their crops. Prior to Fruitfed Supplies, Elaine was an Innovation Leader at Zespri (Protect Supply) and before then a scientist at Plant and Food Research. Elaine originates from the UK and came to New Zealand in 2001 after gaining her PhD in rodenticide resistance. 

Fruitfed Supplies Technical Specialist Jon PeetFruitfed Supplies Technical Specialist Jon Peet

Jon Peet
Technical Specialist - Viticulture

Jon joined the Fruitfed Supplies Technical Team in late 2019 having spent six years as a viticulturist at Elephant Hill Winery in Hawke's Bay. Jon has spent 16 years working in the wine industry, first starting with his own vineyard and wine business, Ash Ridge (which he later sold). Jon has qualifications in soil science and geography and prior to arriving in New Zealand spent 15 years working in agriculture and horticulture around the world. Jon's passion is understanding the complex interactions between the vine, landscape and seasonal conditions that assist growers in producing the finest grapes and wines in New Zealand. 

Fruitfed Supplies Technical Specialist Daniel SuttonFruitfed Supplies Technical Specialist Daniel Sutton

Daniel Sutton
Technical Specialist - Vegetables

Daniel has been a part of the Frutifed Supplies Technical Team for several years having started in the Crop Monitoring Group. Daniel then joined the Research and Development team working on vegetable trials, new products and practices coming to the market. He has a passion for Integrated Pest Management and finding new solutions to problems. 

Gavin Subritzky
Technical Specialist - Nutrition

Gavin joined the Fruitfed Supplies Technical Team in 2011 and currently works as a Technical Specialist in horticultural crop nutrition. Having worked in the horticultural industry for the past 30 years, Gavin has an extensive knowledge of crop nutrition specialising in fertiliser. He is especially interested in visiting growers and gaining an understanding of their crop nutrient requirements and presenting new ways to help improve productivity through sound nutrition advice. 

Monthly Technical Reminders

Each month our team of Technical Specialists share their crop knowledge and technical insights on wine grapes and horticultural crops. These Tech-Know tips give growers timely reminders on what insects and pests to monitor for and advice on what the best control options are, depending on environmental and seasonal factors.    

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