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Our Summerfruit & Stonefruit Knowledge

Our Fruitfed Supplies team works with apricot, cherry, nectarine and plum growers across Otago and Hawke's Bay.

A recent highlight in Fruitfed Supplies' support for the industry has been increasing our presence in Central Otago through the opening of the new Alexandra store and an expansion of our field representative team. 

Our Growers | Zaknich Farms - Zakberry

Waitakere strawberry grower Mark Zaknich is a year into a long-term plan to move a portion of his field-grown strawberry production under cover.
A lifelong berry grower having taken over the Zakberry operation from his father Ivan, Mark spent some time considering the pros and cons of tabletop growing, starting with a small trial in 2020...

Our Growers | Danube Orchards

Anthony Rakich is a third-generation strawberry grower. Based at Whenuapai, the team at Danube Orchards use a tabletop growing system, offering a more sustainable solution. Remembering visiting the local Fruitfed Supplies store as a child, Anthony now uses the team for advice on nutrient combinations and spray programmes to help manage pests and diseases.  

Summerfruit & Stonefruit Tech-Know Tips For June

  • The silver leaf disease pathogen, Chondrostereum purpureum, continues to cause significant tree losses in stonefruit production every year. It is spread by air-borne basidiospores which are released from fruiting bodies often seen in infected host trees. Rainfall and relative humidity are the key factors governing spore release. The first step to managing this disease is to prune on fine days when no rain has fallen for 24 hours. Basidiospores are minute and, when deposited on an unprotected pruning wound during moist weather, may germinate in place or can be drawn up into xylem vessels. It’s vital to apply a suitable wound dressing as soon as possible, at least on the same day. Also note that spore trapping studies have detected low spore numbers present in orchards even during dry periods, as spores are released from fruiting bodies in damp shady locations. 
  • The application of coppers, such as Kocide Opti or Tri-Base Blue, from early leaf-fall through to complete leaf-fall is vital to protect leaf scars from infection of various wood-invading diseases.

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