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A new solution for metabolic bag recycling

A new solution for metabolic bag recycling

A new solution for metabolic bag recycling

Every year thousands of bags of metabolic solutions are used in the treatment of conditions in dairy cows such as milk fever, grass staggers and ketosis. While these metabolic bags were disposed of as waste in the past, they can now be recycled through the Agrecovery Elanco programme.

Working alongside Agrecovery, Elanco now offers a sustainable end-of-life option for their metabolic solutions bags. Users of Glucalmag, Glucalmax, Glucalphos and Mag20 can now take their empty bags to a participating store for recycling.

The bags need to be returned in a recyclable condition, so follow the recycle 1,2,3 before dropping them in-store.

1. Remove sharps, with needles being disposed of in an appropriate sharps container.

2. Cut off and dispose of the attached tubes.

3. Keep it clean, ensuring the bags are free of any contamination such as blood or mud. If contaminated, rinse and dry the bags before taking them to the nearest collection point.

Once collected from the store, the metabolic bags are sent to a sorting facility before being processed and recycled within New Zealand.

To learn where your nearest Agrecovery collection site is, contact your local PGG Wrightson store.

Elanco is a founding member of the Agrecovery agrichemical container product stewardship scheme which has been running for over 15 years, recovering high-density polyethylene plastic drums used for drench, dips and agrichemicals from farms and farm stores. With the success this programme, Elanco is pleased to be working with Agrecovery to increase its range of recyclable product packaging.

To discuss Elanco’s metabolic solutions for dairy cows, visit your local PGG Wrightson store.

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