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Disinfectants for the calf shed

Disinfectants for the calf shed

Disinfectants for the calf shed

Rearing healthy calves means not compromising on biosecurity measures says Ecolab’s New Zealand Business Development Leader Darren Stenning.

He is encouraging farmers to carefully read the label on the disinfectant they are using to understand what the product is capable of controlling.

Stenning says Ecolab’s Kenocox and Virocid disinfectants can be used at lower application rates and therefore reduce sanitising costs.

Ecolab’s Kenocox broad-spectrum disinfectant has a unique formula with proven efficacy against bacteria, viruses and protozoa in the environment, significantly reducing the risk of calves contracting coccidiosis or cryptosporidium.

Sprayed in calf sheds and barns, the formula is described as the missing link in comprehensive disease prevention.

Tony Parsons, a veterinarian who advises several large calf rearers, says many do not have an easy task; coccidiosis and cryptosporidium have proved difficult to kill in the past.

“Contamination of the environment is happening from the day the first calf arrives and there is only ever going to be a build-up of contamination and faecal matter and potential pathogens.”

One of his clients, Shannel Rudkin, a calf rearer with Grasslands who runs four heifer replacement and bobby calf sheds, made the switch to Kenocox last year. Spraying it daily, she found it kept infection down, giving better results than the product she used previously.

Ecolab’s Virocid concentrated disinfectant protects against rotovirus in calves and is ideal for use in dairy and calf sheds, farm buildings and on machinery and housing. It is a reliable and versatile solution for farmers to safely maintain biosecurity on-farm.

Specifically formulated for a range of agricultural uses and with hospital-grade efficacy, it gives double the protection of similar products against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Its residual action ensures long-lasting protection even with a low dilution rate and remains effective in a range of temperatures, giving consistent performance in different farming environments.

Virocid's neutral pH level means it is well-balanced, minimising potential adverse effects on any surfaces or materials, says Stenning. It provides a solution for disinfecting boots and wheels and can be used in dipping baths.

April Gardner, a calf rearer with Canlac Holdings who rears up to 640 calves a season, has a routine of spraying thoroughly after one batch of calves leaves and before the next group comes into the sheds. During their stay, Virocid was used twice a day last year and she was pleased with the resulting cleanliness.

Both April and Shannel say no calf rearer wants to deal with a disease outbreak and see their calves fall behind through illness when they should be thriving.

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