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Drainage solutions for flat land

Drainage solutions for flat land

Drainage solutions for flat land

Farmers and rural contractors with flat pastures inevitably have a low spot on the land where drainage is difficult, making it less productive for cropping, or prone to pugging and compaction from stock movements.

A low spot can prove to be a larger issue during the wetter months and can result in lost profits, reduced pasture yield and potentially more topsoil run-off into nearby waterways.

Effective drainage is vital for turning this marginal land into more productive. Without a natural slope, how can adequate fall into the pipes be achieved to transport water from the site?

RX Plastics Technical Manager, Phil Gatehouse, says that the new RXP Drainflo® Smooth system has been specifically developed to enable more effective drainage on flatter conditions than the standard Drainflo products.

“Typically, most drainage systems require at least a minimum grade of one metre in 50 metres. Because of its smooth interior lining, Drainflo Smooth can operate effectively on a minimum grade of one metre in 100 metres. That is an improved flow rate of up to 50 percent greater for the same gradient,” he says.

A smooth lining means improved flow, with less rainwater on the land and in the soil, and allows any particulates to pass out the end of the drainage pipe, preventing blockages. The design means the pipe is more easily cleared than the standard corrugated product.

Drainflo Smooth pipes come in both punched and unpunched options in an extensive range of diameter, length, stiffness and filtration to suit the application. Pipes and junctions are colour coded for easy identification and installation.

Strength is important also, and good drainage relies on the pipe being round in the soil. So, in areas that face compaction from vehicles, Drainflo Smooth HD is constructed with a thicker, stronger wall and is available in a range of pipe sizes, along with all necessary fittings and connectors.

Another challenge for drainage projects arises from fine soil particles. Where fine material is an issue, Drainflo Smooth can be supplied with a tested and proven custom-made Cirtex® Filter Sleeve for protecting subsoil drains from sedimentation.

Durability is an important consideration and RXP Drainflo Smooth is made from polyethylene with a 50-year life expectancy.* It is New Zealand-made, with all pipes and fittings made from 100 percent recyclable high-density polyethylene, and RX Plastics recycle off-cuts to avoid waste going to landfill.

View Drainflo® Smooth pipes in the latest Stock n' Save online at or visit your local PGG Wrightson store.

Supplied by RX Plastics 

*Meets NZTA F2 requirements and in excess of 50 years for B2-NZBC, when the Drainflo® HD and Drainflo® Smooth HD are installed and used in accordance with the standards, installation and design codes listed.