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Extending grapevine life in vineyards using a biostimulant

Close up of a Grapevine

Extending grapevine life in vineyards using a biostimulant

The vineyard replanting bulge, as forecast by the grapevine nursery industry, is starting to happen. Meanwhile, growers waiting for new vines want to maximise the productive cycle of their vineyard. A similar situation is happening among stonefruit orchardists as trees near the end of their productive lives.

Nic Peters, South Island Territory Manager for Valagro, suggests growers look at the biostimulant Vitaseve, which is used to slow the decline in productivity of aging vines and stonefruit trees.

Nic explains: “Vitaseve works by stimulating the cambium layers, leading to better water flow and increased cellulose synthesis and cell division to produce new wood. With this increase in cambium activity, the plant has better circulation of nutrients and sugars through the xylem and phloem systems. This counters the natural aging of plants during which xylem and phloem cells lose their functionality over time, becoming woody and effectively suffocating the plant which eventually succumbs to dehydration.”

Valagro uses the latest genomic sequencing to understand which plant genes are stimulated by an application of Vitaseve.

Nic says: “The CSLG2 gene, which is directly associated with cellulose synthesis, was upregulated 275 times. Most of our biostimulants upregulate gene activity by four to six times, which give us measurable results in the field, so Vitaseve produces a spectacular response on this gene to stimulate plant cambium.

“Vitaseve has a valuable role in helping maintain production levels and prolong economic viability. The earlier Vitaseve is applied, the longer the vineyard or orchard can stay productive.

Vitaseve can be applied in autumn or spring. Talk with your local Fruitfed Supplies Technical Horticultural Representative for more information.