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Fruitfed Facts is going digital

Fruitfed Facts is going digital

Fruitfed Facts is going digital

The Fruitfed Facts newsletter has been published every month since February 1996 and, while the size and style of the customer newsletter has changed over the years, it’s been shared with growers, suppliers and staff as a print publication.

Throughout these 340 editions, Fruitfed Facts has featured growers sharing many stories such as their use of innovative technology, new growing techniques and their resilience in the face of challenges. Along with these grower-focused articles from New Zealand’s major horticultural growing regions, Fruitfed Facts has offered advice from our Technical team, showcased the many events that Fruitfed Supplies supports, introduced our staff, and provided numerous updates on crop protection products.

Duncan Fletcher, Fruitfed Supplies National Manager, says reducing the environmental impact of producing a print publication is an important aspect of the decision to move
Fruitfed Facts to a bi-monthly digital publication.

“Taking Fruitfed Facts into a digital format allows us to evolve the publication in various ways and aligns with our company-wide goals to lessen environmental impact and improve sustainability,” says Duncan.

“We will continue to provide customers with the helpful and relevant content you’ve seen in the newsletter for the past 28 years. The only change is that from July onwards, the newsletter will reach you in an easy-to-read digital format, sent to your preferred email address.”

Duncan invites everyone interested in receiving Fruitfed Facts via email to click below to complete the sign-up form.

“Alternatively, talk with your local Technical Horticultural Representative or visit your local store where they can assist with the digital subscription process.”

The first bi-monthly edition of Fruitfed Facts will be published at the start of July and cover content for both July and August. The new digital format will vary in length, depending on the season and number of topical product stories to be shared.

“Fruitfed Facts will continue to be an important way of sharing valuable crop protection advice from our Technical team with growers across New Zealand’s dynamic horticultural sector. With the inception of the new digital format, our Fruitfed Supplies team looks forward to featuring grower stories and relevant advice for your crop management decisions.”

The June edition of Fruitfed Facts will be the last print version.