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How to keep your lawn lush and green

How to keep your lawn lush and green

How to keep your lawn lush and green

To keep your lawn the envy of others this spring, we’ve got a checklist of everything you’ll need. Plus read on for helpful tips on repairing bare patches and general lawn maintenance.

Here’s what you’ll need to grab online through the PGG Wrightson store:

Tips for maintaining an existing lawn

Ensure your lawn gets plenty of water and is weed free. Fertilise your lawn now, using a spreader for an even broadcast. Apply the fertiliser either before it rains, while it’s currently raining or wash in with a sprinkler at the time of application so the product doesn’t burn the lawn. Visit your local PGG Wrightson store to purchase from The Andersons range of fertilisers of lawn food and lawn starter. The Andersons 32 3 10 is ideal as it contains both nitrogen and iron to promote healthy growth.

After a warm and wet winter…

Coming out of a warmer and wetter winter than we’ve previously experienced in much of the country, you may notice fungal diseases like red thread appearing on your lawn. To control, purchase Kiwicare’s LawnPro Fungus Control Concentrate. If you have a fescue lawn at home presenting with fungal disease, applying nitrogen can be a lifesaver. Often fungal disease is an indicator of a stressed lawn lacking in nutrients. So, a boost of nitrogen will help improve the health of the lawn and provide immunity from future disease. Try Tui’s Urea.

Over winter too, moss often grows on shaded areas of lawn, smothering the grass. To remove the moss, use a product containing iron, such as Tui Moss Control Sulphate of Iron.

Removing unwanted weeds and insect pests

To control weeds in an established lawn, firstly note the age of the lawn as some products are formulated for applying to young lawns and others for older. Head to our online store to purchase Kiwicare’s LawnPro Turfclean Ultra which will remove weeds in a lawn less than one-year-old. If you’re unsure of what product to use, visit your local PGG Wrightson store for advice.

Are you finding small holes in the soil? It may be grass grub which can be treated with Kiwicare’s LawnPro Protect. The active ingredient in LawnPro Protect washes off the granules and stays on the surface and in the upper layer of the soil creating a protective barrier against grass grub and other insects during egg laying and pupal emergence.

Re-sowing bare patches of lawn

Put your effort into preparing the soil ready for sowing and the grass will flourish! Grab some screened, weed-free soil and fill in any holes in your lawn and level it ready for sowing. A rake and fork will help make the job easier. If you have compacted soil, use the fork to lightly loosen the top layer of soil. Remove any debris and weeds using a rake and finish by smoothing and levelling the soil. Broadcast the seed at an even rate, sufficient enough for it to strike and match the established lawn that’s already there.

For more tips on sowing lawn head to our article on the topic here

Top tips for maintaining a healthy lawn

  • Fertilise your new lawn with a product that includes phosphate to support root development.
  • Remove weeds, insect pests and fungal diseases that prevent healthy growth.
  • Kill moss as it smothers grass.
  • Water your lawn regularly in dry conditions.  
  • Don’t overmow your lawn.

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