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Introducing the PGG Wrightson Darfield store team

Introducing the PGG Wrightson Darfield store team

Introducing the PGG Wrightson Darfield store team

Building enduring customer relationships is what motivates the Darfield team to the extra mile says Hamish Milner, PGG Wrightson Darfield Store Manager.

Along with Hamish who has been the Store Manager for the past 32 years, the Darfield team has plenty of knowledge and experience to share with customers. The whole team loves working at the store, within their local community. The team also enjoys the variety, with no two days the same. Most of all though, the enjoyment comes from interacting with customers and helping them achieve the best outcomes for their businesses.

The Darfield store services arable farmers along with a mix of dairy and sheep and beef farmers, horticulture and lifestyle customers, while also offering fencing, irrigation, animal health and nutrition products. Visit in-store and be greeted by Customer Service Representatives Vic, Tracy, Emma, John and Chris. Out in-the-field is Technical Field Representative, Sam and Arable Representatives Steve and Justin.

Moving into a new store on the main road a year ago has allowed the team to welcome more customers into the business and better promote the range of products on offer. “We are achieving great success from displaying products out the front of the store. One time, for example, we placed animal handling equipment outside in the morning and it was sold by lunchtime. Not everyone is aware of the wide range of products we have on offer.”

What impresses Hamish most about his team is their ability to ask the right questions, using the knowledge gained to formulate a tailored solution to fit a customer’s needs.

“We are solution finders for our customers,” explains Hamish. “We want our customers to leave the store with all the products they need to complete the task at hand. If a customer visits to buy a vaccine for their animals, for example, we’ll check to see if they have enough needles and applicator guns.”

“A first-time visitor to the store came in looking to purchase chick feed. We talked to him about his operation and discovered he had free range hens. This year, instead of buying pullets, the customer was going to raise the replacements himself. We discussed feed options with him and he ended up buying four tonne of grower pellets and was really appreciative of our help.”

It’s not just in-store that you’ll find the team says Hamish. “While I support the local rugby club and am a member of Lions, others in our team volunteer for the local fire brigade and participate in local sports and equestrian clubs.”

Combine the team’s technical and local knowledge, strong customer relationships and community involvement and Hamish says this is why he believes the PGG Wrightson store is an integral part of Darfield.

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