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Label Extension Good News for Barley Growers

Label Extension Good News for Barley Growers

Label Extension Good News for Barley Growers

Growers of both autumn and spring-sown barley can now take advantage of a new option for minimising the risk of lodging in their crops this season. 

Stabilan® 750SL plant growth regulator is now approved for use in barley as well as wheat, oats and perennial ryegrass seed. 

Sonja Vreugdenhil, Nufarm Technical Specialist, says the label extension comes in time for autumn-sown crops that start to become reproductive in early spring, plus those going in the ground soon. 

In either case, Stabilan 750SL can be applied at the start of the stem elongation process during a narrow window between Zadoks GS30 and GS32. 

Correct timing is imperative, says Sonja. Applications at or after GS32 will have little to no impact, so it is important to walk fastgrowing crops frequently to assess the growth stage.

“Spring-sown barley crops tend to grow quickly. If you do not walk these crops for a week, it is easy to miss a growth stage.”

Used as directed, Stabilan 750SL thickens and shortens the developing barley stem by up to 20 percent, which can reduce the risk of stem break and lodging. This leads to a more uniform crop development with less straw put through the header while also helping to reduce the crop’s susceptibility to eyespot. 

For optimal results, use in a tank mix with a trinexapacethyl formulation and follow with mepiquat chloride and chlorethephon. Stabilan 750SL is compatible with most fungicides including Prothioconazole.

Instead of limiting fertiliser applications to reduce the risk of lodging, growers of intensive crops can now use Stabilan 750SL to optimise nitrogen inputs for boosting yield.

“Stabilan 750SL can promote root growth and the number of fertile tillers, which may increase yield even in the absence of lodging,” Sonja adds. 

Ask your local PGG Wrightson Technical Field Representative for advice on a suitable barley crop protection programme.