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New Gallagher water monitoring solutions

New Gallagher water monitoring solutions

New Gallagher water monitoring solutions

Gallagher has launched two new water monitoring systems. The two solutions offer different connectivity options: micro-satellite or line-of-sight technology. Both systems capture water levels in the tank and send data to the farmers’ phones, giving them peace of mind their water supply is secure.

“As pastoral farmers come under increasing pressure to sustainably manage natural resources and produce more from less, they need the right solutions,” says Gallagher General Manager – Animal Management Darrell Jones.

“The new water monitoring systems remove the guesswork from water management. A farmer will know how much water is being used and if there are any issues with the water supply. With the apps, they can monitor it anytime from anywhere. It is a game changer.”

The Satellite Water Monitoring System is suited to larger, more remote farms where connectivity like Wi-Fi or cellular is a challenge. In contrast, the Wireless Water Monitoring System is ideal for smaller properties that offer clear line of sight for up to 10 km between the data transmitter installed on the water tank and the data receiver.

When assessing which system to choose, farmers should consider the farm size and contour, connectivity options and what the system will manage.

Both systems have been engineered for ruggedness and reliability, meeting New Zealand conditions. Easy to install, the devices can be set to send an alert if water levels are too high or low. Farmers can also review historical water consumption via the app.

Visit your local PGG Wrightson store to discuss which of Gallagher's two new water monitoring systems is best for your farm.