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New onion fungicide for 2024

Onion white rot control

New onion fungicide for 2024

This season Bayer CropScience introduces Luna® Experience as a replacement for Luna® Devotion for onion white rot control.

Onion white rot is a devastating disease for local growers. It reduces yields significantly and impacts bulb quality, storability, shelf life, and the marketability of onion crops.

Luna Devotion was introduced by Bayer CropScience in 2012 and quickly set a new standard for the control of onion white rot. It contains fluopyram, at the time a new SDHI active ingredient that inhibits fungal respiration, as well as triadimenol, a broad spectrum, systemic active.

Luna Experience also contains the highly effective active ingredient fluopyram which is now formulated with tebuconazole as its partner. Tebuconazole is a different systemic broad-spectrum fungicide, and both active ingredients are highly efficacious¹ ² when it comes to controlling onion white rot.

Phil Bertram, Regional Business Manager for Bayer CropScience, says: “With a co-formulation of two active ingredients with different modes of action, Luna Experience helps growers manage the risk of the disease developing resistance to these fungicides.”

Phil is confident growers can expect the same high level of disease control when integrating Luna Experience into their programme for onion white rot control. 

“In trials ¹ ², Luna Experience demonstrated exceptional in-field disease control. This, of course, provides reductions in crop losses at harvest and later in storage, as well as improvements in produce quality.

“It’s also used in the same way as Luna Devotion with the first application at 100 to 150 Onion White Rot Disease Days (OWRDD) followed by a second application one month later. However, be aware that the application rate for Luna Experience is 1.25 L/ha in 1,000 litres of water per ha, which is different to Luna Devotion.”

Key points about Luna Experience:

  • Exceptional efficacy with excellent control of onion white rot.
  • Systemic movement and uniform uptake after application enable the fungicide to protect new growth.
  • 70-day pre-harvest interval.
  • Resistance management guidelines recommend using Luna Experience for the first two sprays, then follow with a fungicide from a different chemical group with a different mode of action (not Luna Devotion).

For more information on onion white rot control using Luna Experience, contact your local Fruitfed Supplies Technical Horticultural Representative.

ACVM registration number: Luna® Experience #P009947. Read label before use.
¹ ² 2019-20 Pukekawa and Pukekohe trials by Fruitfed Supplies (FD20NZL001FF01 and FD20NZL001FF02).