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New pipfruit insecticide now available

New pipfruit insecticide now available

New pipfruit insecticide now available

A new insecticide is available this season which utilises an active ingredient new to the pipfruit sector to target codling moth, leaf roller and bronze beetle.

The Bayer insecticide Vayego® is a liquid formulation containing the active ingredient tetraniliprole, a Group 28 diamide insecticide, which causes the targeted pest insects to stop feeding immediately after application.

“Vayego is effective at controlling these three damaging pests and offers a new versatile, flexible option for growers to incorporate into their seasonal pest management programme,” says Marc Fox, Horticulture Market and Territory Sales Manager for Bayer.

With over 4,000 trials performed globally, as well as a rigorous trial programme in Hawke's Bay and Nelson, Vayego has demonstrated efficacy across the targeted lepidoptera and coleoptera species. These trials highlight Vayego’s positive properties that contribute to its versatility, safety, strength and performance including:

Vayego is active on all three life stages of codling moth, from eggs to adults. While control comes mainly from larval ingestion, eggs can be prevented from hatching when treated with Vayego or if laid on Vayego-treated leaves and fruit.

The rapid cessation of feeding gives additional strength to the control of codling moth. Larvae lose muscle control, become immobile, and cease feeding immediately after application, giving the benefit of less damaged fruit. Vayego is also locally systemic which ensures distribution throughout the leaf, helping to maximise coverage.

It has a label claim for bronze beetle control. Efficacy against bronze beetle was proven by Plant & Food Research in bioassay work, before being backed up by field trials in Hawke's Bay over the last few years, making Vayego a versatile option for pest control.

Vayego is recommended to be used from seven days after petal-fall through to early December at a rate of 15 ml/100 litres of water as a dilute spray to the point of runoff. If concentrate spraying is used, then adjust the rate accordingly. It is toxic to bees and aquatic creatures but does not harm beneficial insects such as Aphelinus mali and the predatory mite Typhlodromus pyri, enabling its use in integrated pest management programmes (IPM). It is rainfast within one hour.

For best practice resistance management, it is important that Vayego is used as part of a seasonal pest control programme that incorporates other chemistries with different modes of action.

Marc says: “Resistance management guidelines state that Vayego should only be applied to one generation of codling moth. By targeting the period from petal-fall to early December, Vayego will only be applied to the first generation which fits into the recommended guidelines and helps protect the future use of this new and effective insecticide.”

Over many years of trials, Vayego has shown a high level of crop safety when applied on its own or when mixed with a wide range of tank-mix partners.

For more information about how Vayego can fit in your pipfruit IPM programme, contact your Fruitfed Supplies Technical Horticultural Representative.