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Ordering stock food easy with PGG Wrightson's Onto Farm Team

Ordering stock food easy with PGG Wrightson's Onto Farm Team

Ordering stock food easy with PGG Wrightson's Onto Farm Team

Working alongside the PGG Wrightson store and Technical Field Representative network, Onto Farm provides a fast and efficient solution for farmers to order stock food.

Onto Farm is a team of trained Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) readily available to answer phone and email enquiries. They are equipped to quickly process orders, including arranging freight, having access to the latest information from suppliers. The CSRs have a sound knowledge of the products they sell, including the various blends on offer, pricing and availability. With ready access to this data, the team can promptly email a customer with the relevant information regarding an enquiry.

“Farmers utilise Onto Farm as it is a dedicated team who deliver an efficient and reliable service for ordering stock food,” says PGG Wrightson Nutrition Category Manager Pete Ross. “The team builds long-lasting relationships with customers, as farmers soon realise by contacting Onto Farm, they have access to the most current information at their fingertips with orders processed as soon as is practicable.”

While Onto Farm assists farmers with accessing multiple products including bulk fuel, the team also organises on-farm delivery of nutritional items to meet the needs of all animals, with these products accessed from all the key suppliers in the New Zealand market.

The nutrition products available through Onto Farm includes:


» Straights

» Blends

» Dairy meals

» Molasses

» Calf milk replacers and meals

» Equine feed

» Lamb milk replacers

» Sheep nuts

» Deer nuts

» Goat milk replacers and meals

» Dog food

“Having Onto Farm taking care of individual customer enquiries is ideal,” says Pete. “The team is best equipped to give farmers the current price on a product and then process orders by contract deadlines.”

If a customer has a contract for ordering stock food from a supplier, the Onto Farm team can assist farmers to manage this process by providing monthly reports detailing the quantity of feed delivered and the associated cost. They will also send reminders when the next order is due.

This service complements PGG Wrightson’s Technical Field Representatives who focus on delivering on-farm advice and store teams who help our customers across multiple other product ranges including animal health, fencing and agricultural chemicals.

PGG Wrightson’s Onto Farm team is available from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Phone 0800 ONTO FARM (0800 66 86 32) or email for prices, information or to organise delivery on-farm.