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Protecting your pruning wounds

Protecting your pruning wounds

Protecting your pruning wounds

The important seasonal task of pruning vines and trees to enhance productivity should be completed with the application of a proven pruning wound treatment such as Greenseal Ultra to protect plants from significant wood-invading pathogens. 

Greenseal Ultra is a pruning wound treatment that combines two proven active ingredients in a tough, rubber-like wound sealant to provide superior disease control in all major tree and vine crops. 

Diseases such as silver leaf in pip and stonefruit, European canker in apples and Eutypalata in grapes are ever present dangers, says PGG Wrightson/Fruitfed Supplies Category Manager, Peter Merson. 

“Growers who ensure their team’s attention to good pruning techniques and the thorough application of Greenseal Ultra can effectively protect pruning wounds from these important pathogens,” says Peter. 

Another excellent protectant against Eutypa for all those smaller pruning cuts on vines is Gelseal Ultra, the relatively new spray-on formulation of Greenseal UItra. 

Gelseal Ultra is an ideal tool for growers to use where the application of Greenseal Ultra to small wounds is considered too time-consuming but where control of this ever-present wound pathogen is still vital.” 

Key factors for effective wound protection include: 

  • Prune in sunshine and low humidity, which promotes rapid drying of Greenseal Ultra. 
  • Apply Greenseal Ultra in a thick, even coat right to the edge of fresh wounds with the applicator bottle. 
  • Large wounds, greater than 50mm, and those made to the main trunk of a tree or vine deserve a second coat where possible. 
  • Use sharp, well-maintained pruning equipment and try to avoid pruning with an anvil-type lopper as these tend to squeeze and split the wood, allowing fungal spores and bacteria to enter any cracks formed. 

Greenseal Ultra is available from all Fruitfed Supplies branches in two and 10 litre easy-to-decant containers. For more information on using Greenseal Ultra, contact your local Fruitfed Supplies team.