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Rearer sees good results from using Ancalf Calf Milk Replacer

Rearer sees good results from using Ancalf Calf Milk Replacer

Rearer sees good results from using Ancalf Calf Milk Replacer

The Gores run 480 cows on their 170+ hectare farm in Hinuera, Waikato. To increase efficiencies in their calf-raising business, they now use Ancalf Calf Milk Replacer.

Until last year, Lucy Gore and her family have always fed their young calves’ milk out of the vat. Their perspective changed though when they considered both the economics and the other merits of using a calf milk replacer (CMR).

“We have always had the mindset that calves do better from the milk straight from the vat, but we were pleasantly surprised and proven wrong as calf milk powder performs just as well.”

Ancalf is a casein-rich CMR that has a similar composition to natural whole milk. It’s made from a whole milk powder base, having a similar fat and casein content as whole milk from the cow and these qualities are essential for good curding and the slow release of nutrients throughout the day.

Curding in newborn and young calves performs an important function in milk digestion and nutrient absorption before it reaches the small intestine. The curd acts as a slow release, allowing small proteins, amino acids and other nutrients to be absorbed into the blood while the small intestine function is low.

Lucy shares her experience of using Ancalf CMR in the Gore’s rearing operation.

“To be honest, the results from using Ancalf were as good as whole milk as the CMR contains a coccidiostat as well as vitamins and minerals to support calf development, making it a great product”, says Lucy. “I was expecting rougher coats and the calves to not fill out as well, but when I compared the weights from this year to last, we are sitting around the same weight gains.”

Ancalf also contains the Actigen® prebiotic, which supports immune defence, gut microbial health, function and development, promoting overall health and performance.

Rearers and farmers like Lucy see the benefits of carefully selecting the right CMR. “I spoke to farming friends who use Ancalf and they said they had really good results from using it. Plus, the casein in Ancalf means the product curds well.”

To discuss using Ancalf CMR, contact your local PGG Wrightson store or Technical Field Representative who can guide you in how to introduce it into your calf-rearing operation.

Lucy received additional support from the NZAgbiz team who produce Ancalf. “As it was our first time using Ancalf, Carla from NZAgbiz came out and took us through what rate we should be feeding and how we should be transitioning. We were impressed at how easy it is to mix."

After their first season feeding Ancalf, the Gores are convinced it is a beneficial and nutritious CMR. “I would definitely recommend Ancalf to calf rearers,” says Lucy.

Visit your local PGG Wrightson store to discuss using Ancalf Calf Milk Replacer in your calf rearing operation. 

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