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Sprayer cleanliness aids efficiency

Sprayer cleanliness aids efficiency

Sprayer cleanliness aids efficiency

A sprayer is a key piece of equipment in any horticultural operation, yet is sometimes one that gets the least attention and maintenance.

If your sprayer is not working properly, you will waste crop protection products and time, as well as compromising the end results every time you spray.

People commonly ask three questions about sprayer maintenance: what to do, when to do it and how to do it properly.

Have a look at your sprayer and its functions. Consider that nozzles do not last for ever and that chemical residues do build up inside your spraying system, reducing its efficiency. Addressing these two factors alone with better maintenance practices can dramatically improve spraying efficacy.

Other recommended practices include:

  • Triple flush your sprayer at the end of every spraying day.
  • Use a decontaminant like All Clear to neutralise pesticide residues.
  • Look inside the tank while filling for the third flush and if the water still appears murky, then do it again.
  • Run the first flush out through the end of each section and the other two flushes through the nozzles. While water is running through, check over the sprayer and nozzles for obvious problems.
  • Wear PPE while flushing to ensure your personal hygiene is not compromised while fixing nozzles or cleaning filters.
  • Clean filters when all three flushes are finished.

Time is short but problems are more likely next time the sprayer is used and flushing will take twice as long if these basic sprayer maintenance steps are not done when spraying is finished for the day.

For more information on recommended maintenance for your sprayer, please contact your local Fruitfed Supplies Technical Horticultural Representative.