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Sustainable farming with portable solar energizers

Sustainable farming with portable solar energizers

Sustainable farming with portable solar energizers

Speedrite, Datamars Livestock’s electric fencing brand, is unveiling two new models to complete their portable solar energizer range.

These devices provide farmers with environmentally friendly solutions to embrace sustainable practices while ensuring the safety and security of their livestock and crops.

Speedrite’s portable solar energizers are designed for easy installation and maximum efficiency. They utilise solar energy to deliver reliable electric fencing power.

The S2000 and S3500 Portable Solar Energizers have the same reliable solar energizer design as others from the Speedrite range but now come with bigger panels and batteries so they can power more fence lines. The S2000 model covers an area of up to 12 ha while the S3500 powers up to 20 ha. Adaptable energizers, these can be used as permanent or short-term fencing solutions.


  • Four different power modes – full, half, day, and night – provide power when needed and conserve energy when not required.
  • Voltage indicator lights show the output performance of the energizer to determine whether the fence needs inspection.
  • Their rugged design includes a water-resistant case and large, easy-to-grasp terminals. Plus, the energizers have an easy-to-access battery compartment and an ergonomic handle.
  • Energizers can be used one-handed in tough environments.
  • Versatile mounting on either a wooden or steel post.
  • Easy installation allows the energizers to be set up in remote locations or within rotational grazing systems.
  • Solar energy reduces the farm’s reliance on conventional power, contributing to a more sustainable operation.
  • Three-year warranty.

Fadi Allos, Senior Product Manager at Datamars Livestock, says launching these two innovative products provides farmers with additional tools to gain an economic benefit while managing the land more responsibly.

Purchase the S2000 or S3500 Portable Solar Energizer online at or visit your local PGG Wrightson store.