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Treating worm burden in sheep with Clomax Oral

Treating worm burden in sheep with Clomax Oral

Treating worm burden in sheep with Clomax Oral

Having ewes at Body Condition Score (BCS) 3 at tupping increases ewe survival, weaning percentage and lamb weights compared to having them at BCS 2.

A worm burden can contribute to low BCS in ewes, impacting the animals’ appetite, immune system, gastrointestinal system and more. Doing a faecal egg count and larval culture helps determine if a pre-tup drench would be beneficial. Focus on ewes with a BCS of 2.5 to 3 as they only need some preferential treatment to meet the target.

Vetmed offers a range of effective drenches to help treat worm burden and increase BCS. Vetmed Clomax Oral provides broad spectrum treatment of abamectin sensitive worms, persistent activity against barber’s pole worm and treatment of adult liver fluke, a parasite that can cause significant liver damage within a sheep flock. Clomax Oral drench contains closantel, selenium and cobalt in addition to abamectin. The closantel component is effective against barber’s pole worm and has persistent activity for up to 42 days.

Due to a 56-day meat withholding period, Clomax Oral is suitable for use in two-tooth and mixed age ewes. For lambs, Vetmed products Moxidectin Sheep Oral and the Triplemax range are more suitable.

To treat your sheep for barber's pole worm or liver fluke, discuss using Vetmed Clomax Oral with your local PGG Wrightson Technical Field Representative.

ACVM registration Vetmed Clomax Oral #A011291, Vetmed Moxidectin Sheep Oral #A010799, Vetmed Triplemax Sheep Oral #A011735, Vetmed Triplemax Oral #A011076, Vetmed Triplemax iTape #A011111 and Vetmed Triplemax aTape #A011110. Always read the registered label before use.