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Using an adjuvant within a gorse and brush weed control programme

Using an adjuvant within a gorse and brush weed control programme

Using an adjuvant within a gorse and brush weed control programme

Adjuvants can assist crop protection chemistries to control gorse and brush weeds. Originally introduced as a hedge species, gorse is now considered one of the world’s top 100 most invasive plants¹ along with being one of the most serious weeds in New Zealand.

UPL NZ’s Slikka is a quality, super penetrant wetter designed to increase the performance of many gorse and brush weed herbicides.

In the struggle against hard-to-kill woody-stemmed weeds and plants, Slikka promotes faster uptake and the resulting improved efficacy of systemics. This includes all glyphosate products and scrub weed herbicides such as metsulfuron and triclopyr.

An organosilicone, Slikka works through stomal infiltration, maximising the uptake of the active and its translocation through the plant. UPL NZ Adjuvant Product Manager David Lingan says once Slikka has helped the chemistry infiltrate the target plant, it may take some time for the plants to die. He also warns against the off-label or incorrect use of adjuvants. “There are specific adjuvants for specific uses. Using the wrong type of adjuvant can result in a less desirable outcome.”

Another UPL adjuvant critical to gorse and brush weed control programmes is Trakka® marker dye.

David says while GPS systems have seen a decline in the use of many spray marking products, Trakka is valuable for spot spraying of gorse and brush weeds to help minimise missed areas and waste.

“With Trakka, you can clearly see where you have been and where you have not. It saves spray, labour and a lot of frustration. Trakka is popular in forestry blocks for spot spraying and for spot spraying thistles.”

Next-generation Trakka Red biodegradable marker is compatible with phenoxies and glyphosate products. Easy to see against green vegetation, Trakka Red is effective at low dose rates and has low mammalian toxicity.

Trakka Blue is used for pale target plants and soil types and is the preferred colour for use on golf courses.

For a bright, high natural fluorescence record of spray progress, choose Trakka Rhodamine B Red, though check its compatibility before use.

David says for gorse, broom and blackberry control, consider using an adjuvant. “It would not be possible to achieve the levels of desired efficacy without using a super spreader penetrant such as Slikka, or to have visual reference of progress and minimise spot over spraying, without a product like Trakka.”

Plan an effective gorse and brush weed control programme with your local PGG Wrightson Technical Field Representative.

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