Optimising lamb growth

Setting lambs up for a productive future starts with ensuring lambs are healthy and strong in the early stages of life. 

Get sorted for docking/tailing

What's your drench plan?

Pre-weaning: Lambs may require a pre-weaning drench to control roundworm and tapeworm infections to ensure optimal liveweight gain. VETMED Triplemax iTape contains a safe triple combination including ivermectin for effective roundworm control. Plus praziquantal for tapeworm control. Dose rate 1ml/5kg.

Routine drenching: The current advice is to have all lambs on a routine 28 day drenching programme using oral triple combination drenches. VETMED Triplemax Oral is a triple combination drench containing abamectin, oxfendazole and levamisole.

PGG Wrightson has a range of quality products available to help you set up a drench programme, get in touch today.

Your insurance against flystrike: CLiK range

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    Strike flies require a soil temperature of greater than 15 degrees Celsius to complete their life cycle. Moisture in the fleece gives fly eggs a... Read More

Considered vaccinating lambs with Vitamin B12?

From birth to weaning, a lamb develops from a monogastric (a single stomach) to a ruminant. The change in diet, from milk to pasture, presents markedly different requirements of some trace nutrients. For the suckling lamb, milk is a complete food that provides preformed molecules of Vitamin B12. It is not until pasture makes up a large percentage of their diet that their requirements for Vitamin B12 increase.

Hear from our Animal Health Expert

Andrew Dowling gives a quick rundown on vaccinating lambs with MULTINE B12. Watch now.