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Pasture Renewal Considerations

Droughts, wet winters and pugging, and the associated pest and weed issues, all place a heavy burden on the persistence of pasture.
Therefore, decisions needs to be made around pasture renewal. Start by selecting your ryegrass variety, and getting the spray out done early, then focus on fertiliser application and controlling weeds and pests.

This month's tips for pasture

  • For established pasture, walk paddocks for weeds and spray where necessary. More robust herbicides can be used while the clover is dormant during cooler weather.
  • For new pasture, walk and monitor weeds in new pasture and spray when timing allows. Most selective herbicides are “clover safe” when two trifoliate leaves are visible on the clover.
  • Check new pastures pass the “pull test” before the first graze.
  • Spray new pasture with 2,4-D if required after the first graze and top up with nitrogen.

Consider your autumn fertiliser selection

Control weeds and pests with our herbicide options

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