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Pioneer Maize Hybrids

Pioneer Brand Products is a Yates family business established is 1986. Pioneer's hybrid maize seed along with all their other products sold in New Zealand are proudly grown and processed in Gisborne.

Pioneer has a nationwide team of experts dedicated to providing customers with the latest in seed technologies and in-field support to assist growers with returning optimal results.

This season's seed varieties


CRM 71, Silage

P7124 is a new, tall bulky plant best grown in cooler growing regions where P7524 and P8000 are considered too late in maturity. This includes high-altitude Central North Island, Taranaki, the Lower North Island and South Island growing regions.


CRM 75, Silage

P7524 as a reliable hybrid producing impressive silage yields with high levels of starch and outstanding whole-plant digestibility. Intermediate in maturity between P7124 and P8000.


CRM 80, Silage and grain

P8000 is tall, with low ear placement, with excellent eye appeal and improved standability in this maturity. Has a chunky cob with deep dent grain to produce high yields of silage with great feed value. Widely grown in Taranaki, the Lower North Island and South Island. Companion with P7524, P8500 or P8666.


CRM 85, Silage and grain

This new silage and grain yield leader has a solid agronomic package with great standability, drought tolerance and staygreen. Now well established in Taranaki, the Lower North Island and South Island growing regions.


CRM 86, Silage and grain

A tall bulky plant with impressive all-round agronomics, superior drought tolerance, Northern Leaf Blight resistance and staygreen. Delivers top silage yields with impressive grain content and offers optimal digestibility. This new hybrid is intermediate in maturity between P8500 and P8805.


CRM 91, Silage and grain

Early maturing, Optimum AQUAmax® offers yield stability for silage and grain. A tall plant with strong roots, stalks, drought tolerance and staygreen combined with superior Northern Leaf Blight, Eyespot and Rust resistances. Widely adapted to all growing regions where a hybrid of this maturity is required.


CRM 94, Silage and grain

A tall, dense plant producing high grain content silage with superior digestibility. Strong agronomically with sound all-round disease resistance. Intermediate in maturity between P9127 and P9721.


CRM 98, Silage and grain

A new addition to the AQUAmax® range in this maturity. Handles drought and heat delivering exceptional yield stability. Has strong all-round agronomics and a balanced disease resistance profile. Delivers impressive yields of high energy silage with outstanding whole plant digestibility.


CRM 99, Silage

A key maturity option in the Optimum AQUAmax® range. A tall showy hybrid delivering yield stability and unmatched silage yields in this maturity. A widely grown, impressive all-round hybrid.


CRM 100, Grain and silage

A short plant with excellent grain yields. Produces an eye-catching cob on plants with sound standability, staygreen and top disease resistance. P0021 is an important mid-maturity hybrid in the top half of the North Island and a top full-maturity option in the Lower North Island.


CRM 103, Silage and grain

A new hybrid with an exceptionally robust all-round profile. Combines the best of yield and energy for maximum milk productivity. A top option where standability, Northern Leaf Blight, Rust and Eyespot are concerns. Widely adapted to North Island growing regions where a hybrid of this maturity is required.


CRM 106, Silage and grain

Combines excellent all-round agronomics with desirable leaf and ear rot disease resistances. A tall plant with sound standability, staygreen and drought tolerance producing silage with superior energy content. When used for grain growers please note it has a very fast grain drydown. 


CRM 107, Silage

Delivers exceptional yield stability in all warmer northern production regions. Optimum AQUAmax® drought tolerance provides resilience when it’s dry and yield responsiveness with favorable growing conditions. Standability and notable staygreen provide a wide harvest window.


CRM 107, Silage and grain

Delivers exceptional yield stability for silage and grain in all northern production regions. Produces grain with excellent appearance, very high test weight and with food grade end-use quality. The popular all-rounder with very good drought tolerance, standability and sound resistance to Northern Leaf Blight. Best suited to moderate to high yielding paddocks.


CRM 109, Silage and grain

Has erect leaves, notable foliar health, standability and exceptional staygreen. A widely adapted high yielding hybrid for silage and grain. Superior Northern Leaf Blight and Rust resistances will be attractive to growers in high risk situations. Plant to achieve an established plant stand of 90,000 to 115,000 plants per hectare depending on paddock yield potential.


CRM 109, Grain and silage

Moderately tall, with low ear placement, sound standability and excellent staygreen. Produces impressive yields of high grain content silage or grain with excellent test weight and notable food corn quality.


CRM 112, Silage

P1636 is a tall full maturity hybrid with top standability. Combines impressive agronomics, drought tolerance and staygreen.  Plant early to maximise yields. P1636 is well adapted to all warmer northern growing regions.


CRM 114, Silage

Tall, erect leaf, modern plant type with excellent roots, stalks, drought tolerance and staygreen. All bundled together with superior Northern Leaf Blight, Common Rust and Eyespot resistances. Plant before 20th October in Northland, Bay of Plenty, Poverty Bay and Hawkes Bay.

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