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A reliable source of water for firefighting on-farm

A reliable source of water for firefighting on-farm

A reliable source of water for firefighting on-farm

Water is essential for farming and rural properties. With the looming El Niño drought predicted and consequent fire risk increasing this summer, having a reliable water source is crucial.

A 2018 report by the New Zealand Fire Service proposed that each rural property should have 45,000 L of storage reserved for firefighting, capable of delivering at 14 L per second and situated within 90 m of a property.

While not yet formally regulated, many councils have integrated this recommendation into their building consent processes, and with climate change a hot topic in the rural sector, it is expected this could soon become mandatory throughout the country.

So, with the largest tank able to be transported on the road economically capped at 30,000 L, how do you get the 45,000 L reserve required in a practical and cost-effective manner?

This is where RX Plastics firefighting solution comes in. With a tank connection pipe and water reserve kit, two 30,000 L tanks can be joined, providing 15,000 L for daily requirements while maintaining a separate 45,000 L reserve for firefighting.

“RX Plastics are the only tanks on the market that can take a 100 mm outlet in a standard tank and maintain the 20-year warranty. That makes our solution extremely cost-effective,” says RX Plastics Technical Support Engineer, Tony Atwool.

“Most tanks are built with straight walls, but RX Plastic tanks are tapered, so they are heavier at the bottom and capable of taking a firefighting coupler.”

With the RX Plastics firefighting solution, tanks are connected with a 100 mm pipe to allow water circulation between them. A riser within each tank ensures the household gets access to the freshest water for domestic use from the top of the tank while ensuring the firefighting reserve below. This means the tank is ready for anything without day-to-day management by the owner.

As New Zealand braces for potentially the driest season in decades, RX Plastics firefighting tanks offer farmers the opportunity to be prepared should a fire occur on their property.

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