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Ridgeline emerged 25 years ago as a specialist outdoor clothing company producing purpose-built apparel tested to perform in demanding Kiwi conditions.
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  1. Ridgeline Kea Jacket
    Ridgeline Kea Jacket
    $249.00 $249.00
  2. Ridgeline Premium Gun Safe
    Ridgeline Premium Gun Safe
    From $549.00 From $549.00
  3. Ridgeline Sika Shorts
    Ridgeline Sika Shorts
    $54.99 $54.99
  4. Ridgeline Raptor Jacket
    Ridgeline Raptor Jacket
    $249.00 $249.00
  5. Ridgeline Kids Spiker Jacket
    Ridgeline Kids Spiker Jacket
    $109.00 $109.00
  6. Ridgeline Lil Weapon Hoody
    Ridgeline Lil Weapon Hoody
    $49.99 $49.99
  7. Ridgeline Ballistic Camo Hoody
    Ridgeline Ballistic Camo Hoody
    $59.99 $59.99
  8. Ridgeline Stalker Shorts
    Ridgeline Stalker Shorts
    $54.99 $54.99
  9. Ridgeline Staydry Trousers
    Ridgeline Staydry Trousers
    $79.99 $79.99
  10. Ridgeline Camo Zip Fleece Tee
    Ridgeline Camo Zip Fleece Tee
    $39.99 $39.99
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