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Fruitfed Supplies is a leading New Zealand Horticultural service and supply businessFruitfed Supplies is a leading New Zealand Horticultural service and supply business

Woven into the industry for more than 100 years, Fruitfed Supplies offer quality products and services to the New Zealand Horticultural sector. Our store network is complemented by over 50 Technical Horticultural Representatives who are out in the field working with growers. Together, our representatives and store teams have the technical and industry knowledge to assist growers in producing profitable and sustainable fruit and vegetable crops.

Crop Specific Knowledge

Find Out More About Fruitfed Supplies' Experience With The Below Crops
Our Wine Grape knowledgeOur Wine Grape knowledge
Our Kiwifruit knowledgeOur Kiwifruit knowledge
Our Pipfruit knowledgeOur Pipfruit knowledge
Our Avocado & citrus knowledgeOur Avocado & citrus knowledge
Our Summerfruit & Stonefruit knowledgeOur Summerfruit & Stonefruit knowledge
Our Vegetable KnowledgeOur Vegetable Knowledge

Orchard and Vineyard Solutions

Discover our range of tailored product solutions, including Modular Homes for all of your farm accommodation needs and Cropland Sprayers or Orchard-Rite Wind Machines for crop management. We also have a wide range of horticultural and wine making supplies available online and at your local store.