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Flystrike protection for lambs following docking

Flystrike protection for lambs following docking

Flystrike protection for lambs following docking

You may ask, why use a flystrike protection treatment at docking? The answer is lambs are the class of stock most at risk from flystrike, and in areas where blowflies routinely cause problems, preventative treatments are usually applied to lambs at this time.

The wounds caused by docking act as an attractant to flies. It is therefore important that any treatment applied provides protection until these wounds have healed.

CLiKZiN is a ready-to-use suspo-emulsion IGR formulation, containing 12.5 g per L of the IGR active ingredient dicyclanil. This active is potent against maggots and more resistant to washing out of the fleece than the older, related chemical, cyromazine. CLiKZiN Spray On provides flystrike protection for six to nine weeks and has a seven-day meat withholding period.

The benefits of CLiKZiN include:

  1. The wide margin of safety to operators which is an issue during docking where animals are handled closely and contact with the product used is unavoidable.
  2. The wide margin of safety to livestock.
  3. CLiKZiN is non-flammable, an essential feature where searing irons are used for docking.
  4. Using the approved Elanco 10 ml docking applicator, 5 to 10 ml of CLiKZiN can be applied to effectively protect the docking wound. A rapidly fading green dye allows clear identification of the treated area.
  5. There is no meaningful recorded resistance in strike flies to dicyclanil in New Zealand.

When farmers are looking to reduce the occurrence of flystrike on lambs following docking, consider tail length. Australian research¹ has found that ewe lambs that are docked too short get struck more readily than those where the tail is left longer. Remember to follow the Ministry of Primary Industries recommendations regarding tail length.

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1 Lloyd, J. (2012). Tail length in unmulesed Australian merino sheep. Australian Wool Innovation.

Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, CLiKZiN Spray On #A010284. Always read the registered label before use.