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Steps to sowing a new lawn

Steps to sowing a new lawn

Steps to sowing a new lawn

Now spring is here, Roger Irvine, PGG Wrightson Geraldine Store Manager, shares his tips on how to successfully sow a new lawn.


Soil quality is vital for sowing a healthy lawn. Roger suggests using quality screened soil, free of weeds, stones and debris. If you're not using screened soil, visit PGG Wrightson's online store and purchase Tui Lawn Force Lawn Preparation Mix as a weed-free base for sowing seed. Once the topsoil is ready, Roger says to make sure the area is level with no hollows or humps. Compact the soil lightly, so it won’t sink once you begin sowing.

When sowing a new lawn in spring, Roger points out there will always be some weeds present as the warmer weather creates ideal growing conditions. The aim, he says, is to minimise the presence of weeds as much as possible.


Once you have the soil prepped, Roger says to broadcast the seed evenly using a spreader such as Tui’s Handheld Spreader. For advice on a spreader, designed to match the size of the area being sown, visit your local PGG Wrightson store.

Make sure you sow the seed at a sufficient rate. Avoid spreading the seed too thin, says Roger, as doing so will provide an opportunity for weeds to easily establish. Roger recommends spreading at a rate of around 30 g per metre². 


Plenty of water, according to Roger, is vital for maintaining a healthy lawn. The other recommendation from Roger is not to act too early spraying for weeds or mowing; let the lawn fully establish and bulk up. Allow the lawn to grow to 15 cm long and then lightly mow. Spray too early and the grass may die out. Once ready for spraying, remove flat weeds using a product such as Kiwicare LawnPro Turfclean Ultra which will treat up to 400 m² of lawn.

Roger’s top tips:

  • Prepare the soil well, sow the seed evenly and keep up with watering the lawn.
  • Sow in spring and autumn when conditions are ideal, avoiding summer when it’s too dry.

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