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Valley Centre Pivots & Linear Irrigation

The PGG Wrightson Water team supplies Valley Centre Pivot and Linear Irrigation products. Our certified design engineers assess your requirements to find the best irrigation solution to meet your budget and operating needs. To discuss your water irrigation requirements contact our team today. 


PGG Wrightson Water offers the Centre Pivot 8120 series from Valley Irrigation. With multiple profile span options available, this machine has been designed to stand up to the demands of rough terrain and elements and will easily irrigate large paddocks. 

With standard, low, high and ultra-high crop clearance profiles available, the pivot can be tailored specifically to your operation’s needs regardless of whether it is irrigating a small or large field.

The pivot’s design features a four-leg drive unit with braces for durability along with heavy 8-bolt pipe flanges for extra strength. The pivot maintains even loading in the span, including on uneven terrain and the polyurethane flange gaskets have a leak-free life.


  • Profile span options: Standard, low, high and ultra-high  
  • Hot-dip galvanised for corrosion resistance
  • Welded sprinkler coupler reduces downtime  
  • Full wrap-around weldments
  • Minimal repairs are required thanks to the pivot's forged truss rod heads
  • The design allows an even loading and distribution of water


For linear (lateral) irrigation, PGG Wrightson offers Valley Irrigation solutions designed for irrigating paddocks of any shape, whether square, rectangular or oddly shaped. Using linear irrigation utilises up to 98% of a paddock by travelling back and forth, reaching the corners. Linears have the benefit of being able to disperse crop protection and fertigation products while limiting the amount of leaching that can occur when using other irrigation methods.

Linear irrigation solutions are available for both hose feed and ditch feed water delivery for use in fields ranging from small to large. These options are effective at conserving water by applying only when and where it is needed.