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MainFeeds brand Barnyard is a high quality, competitively priced feed for layer hens, pigs, rabbits and broilers formulated by our in-house nutritionists.
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  1. Barnyard Layer Pellets
    Barnyard Layer Pellets
    From $16.99 From $16.99
  2. Barnyard Barnyard Layer Mash
    Barnyard Layer Mash
    From $16.99 From $16.99
  3. Barnyard Barnyard Wheat
    Barnyard Wheat
    From $16.99 From $16.99
  4. Barnyard Chick Starter Crumble
    Barnyard Chick Starter Crumble
    From $21.99 From $21.99
  5. Barnyard Muesli for Layers
    Barnyard Muesli for Layers
    From $20.99 From $20.99
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