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Regal Kale 

An intermediate height kale, Regal has been bred for a high leaf percentage and total yield resulting in improved utilisation and increased opportunity to maximise stock productivity. Regal offers sheep, beef, dairy and deer farmers good winter hardiness and proven pest and disease tolerance.

Farm type: Sheep, Beef, Dairy, Deer

Traits: High yielding, high leaf-to-stem ratio, good winter hardiness and excellent pest and disease tolerance

Sowing rate: 4 kg per ha

Days to grazing: From 150 – 220 days


Pallaton Raphno

An innovative hybrid, Pallaton Raphno is a raphanobrassica, a combination of Brassica oleracea (kale) and Raphanus sativus (radish). Developed by PGG Wrightson Seeds and Plant and Food Research, this hybrid is drought tolerant producing summer, autumn and winter feed suitable for maximising liveweight gain per hectare.

Farm type: Sheep, Beef, Deer

Traits: High forage yields, plant persistence, drought tolerance, clubroot tolerance, aphid tolerance and grazing flexibility

Sowing rate: 8 kg per ha

Days to grazing: From 50 days after emergence


Barkant Turnip 

For a high quality summer feed Barkant turnip is a high yielding summer bulb proven to produce feed with a high Metabolisable Energy (ME) supporting improved animal performance.

Farm type: Sheep, Beef, Dairy, Deer

Traits: High leaf-to-bulb ratio, early maturing

Sowing rate: 1 – 3 kg per ha

Days to grazing: From 60 – 90 days

Clutha GoldClutha Gold

Clutha Gold Swede 

Clutha Gold offers a high forage yield with good dry rot, powdery mildew and clubroot tolerance. This yellow-fleshed medium maturity swede is suitable for production of winter feed on sheep, beef, dairy and deer farms.

Farm type: Sheep, Beef, Dairy, Deer

Traits: High yielding, clubroot and dryrot tolerant, medium maturity

Sowing rate: 0.8 – 1.5 kg per ha

Days to grazing: From 170 – 250 days


SovGold Kale

Replacing New Zealand’s most popular kale variety Sovereign, SovGold is a modern New Zealand bred kale  that offers growers both excellent stem quality and high yield potential. SovGold is suited to sheep and cattle grazing systems with late sown crops as means of controlling crop height.

Farm type: Sheep and Beef

Traits: Stem quality, later flowering date, high leaf yield

Sowing rate: 4 kg per ha

Days to grazing: 14 – 24 weeks


Mainstar Rape 

As a versatile, modern brassica, Mainstar offers growers an early maturing rape with excellent regrowth potential and aphid and frost tolerance. Mainstar has extended grazing times from early summer to late winter and is suited to a range of soil fertility and environmental conditions, stock classes and sowing times.

Farm type: Sheep, Cattle and Deer

Traits: Aphid tolerance, persistent in dry conditions, early maturing

Sowing rate: 3 – 4 kg per ha

Days to grazing: 10 – 12 weeks


Hunter Turnip

Hunter is a quick growing leafy turnip forage brassica ideal for multiple grazings meeting summer and early-autumn feed requirements thanks to its fast recovery after grazing. Key benefits include early maturing, turnip and cauliflower mosaic virus tolerance, minimal bulb development.

Farm type:  Sheep, Beef, Dairy and Deer

Traits: Early maturing, fast recovery from grazing, turnip mosaic virus and cauliflower mosaic virus tolerance

Sowing rate: 4 kg per ha

Days to grazing: 6 – 10 weeks

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