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Fungicide from new chemical group now available for wine grapes

Fungicide from new chemical group now available for wine grapes

Fungicide from new chemical group now available for wine grapes

UPL NZ Ltd has extended its portfolio of wine grape products with a new botryticide called Kenja®. Pete de Jong, UPL’s Northern South Island Regional Manager, says the active ingredient in Kenja, isofetamid, is an SDHI (FRAC code 7) fungicide from a new chemical group.

Pete says: “Isofetamid is in the new phenyl-oxo-ethyl thiophene amide group of the SDHI mode of action fungicide. Its unique molecular structure enables it to remain effective against some fungal isolates that have developed resistance to other SDHI fungicides.”

Isofetamid exhibits excellent activity¹ against a range of fungi but is especially effective against Botrytis, working by inhibiting fungal respiration. Kenja has a strong translaminar action in grapevine tissue with high protectant activity and excellent rainfastness properties. The product also has no known negative impacts on beneficial insects and mites, making it a good option for integrated pest management programmes.

Introduced by UPL last season, Kusabi® offers an effective option² for the control of powdery mildew. The active ingredient, pyriofenone, works by inhibiting lesion formation, mycelium growth and sporulation, and has no known resistance in powdery mildew populations in New Zealand.

Pete says Kusabi is best used preventatively. “It has strong translaminar action within leaves and strong vapour activity to reach into bunches and around stems. With a 65-day pre-harvest interval, Kusabi can be used closer to harvest than some other options.

“We recommend using Flute® early mid-season and Kusabi at pre-bunch closure. Like Kusabi, Flute has strong translaminar movement and powerful vapour action to hit the powdery mildew pathogen at all five critical lifecycle stages. Its active ingredient, cyflufenamid, is the only fungicide in the U6 mode of action group.

“Here at UPL NZ, we have a strong focus on sustainability and protecting new and existing chemistries to help strengthen and grow our local wine sector.”

Talk with your local Fruitfed Supplies Technical Horticultural Representative about Kenja and Kusabi for your viticultural programme.

ACVM registration numbers: Flute #P009077, Kenja #P009740, Kusabi #P009488. Read the registered label before use.


1 2015-22 UPL trials with Kenja in Marlborough, Nelson, Matakana, Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne and Canterbury.
2 2015-22 UPL trials with Kusabi Marlborough, Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne and Canterbury.