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Additional support for Orchard-Rite in New Zealand

Ben Daking, Orchard Rite

Additional support for Orchard-Rite in New Zealand

Orchard-Rite, Fruitfed Supplies’ long-standing and trusted supplier of frost-fighting wind machines, has appointed Ben Daking to lead special projects and dealer support across their distributor network, with a particular focus on New Zealand and Australia.

Based in Adelaide, Ben is a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of experience in frost mitigation.

Ben’s background encompasses a broad spectrum of technical and functional knowledge about frost fighting and frost fans which includes:

  • Fundamental characteristics and performance of frost fans.
  • Crop and site-specific assessments and studies.
  • In-field testing of fans across a broad range of conditions.
  • Understanding the interaction between fans and
    their environment.
  • Interpretation of localised interactions on performance
    and protection.

Richard Flatman, National Product Manager – Machinery for Fruitfed Supplies, says it’s fantastic to have someone with Ben’s experience available to provide technical advice and practical
on-site expertise for New Zealand growers with existing Orchard-Rite wind machines or those considering their installation.

“Talking with Ben, it’s clear he has a career-long commitment to expanding his understanding of frost patterns and to refining available strategies and tools to combat frost. Being able to
draw on Ben’s knowledge is an obvious benefit for our wider Fruitfed Supplies team and we’re already enjoying working with Ben to help our customers.”

Orchard-Rite’s commitment to the frost fighting industry has seen Ben conducting unique in-field studies to accurately quantify how frost fans work under a broad range of conditions. 
“There are two main components to Ben’s frost fighting philosophy and these are ‘truly understand your frost problem’ and ‘equip yourself properly to control it'. The information Ben has gathered from in-field studies is adding to his depth of knowledge.”

Richard says Fruitfed Supplies, working with Orchard-Rite, can now offer growers a customised, site-specific frost assessment service with a unique interactive approach. 

“This frost assessment model is proving invaluable to growers across the Tasman, and we are excited to see our local customers benefit from its advantages.

“With an array of fan options available, such as two blade, three blade, tilt head, contour head, reverse rotation and dog-leg towers, which provide the most effective frost fighting solution in your specific location? That’s where you need reliable, research-backed advice from someone like Ben.

“The Fruitfed Supplies team is proud of our 40 year association with Orchard-Rite, and Ben’s appointment to this trans-Tasman role is a positive and constructive step forward for local growers looking for a robust frost fighting strategy.”

To find out more about Orchard-Rite wind machines for frost fighting, please talk with your local Fruitfed Supplies Technical Horticultural Representative.