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Choosing the right electric fencing energizer

Choosing the right electric fencing energizer

Choosing the right electric fencing energizer

The rise of smart technology, integrated within tried-and-true tools, is transforming farming and it is easy to see why. Smart electric fence technology allows for an alert to be sent to a phone communicating fence voltage is down, saving valuable time and money.

Having an energizer equipped with inbuilt Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® connectivity allows farmers to monitor and control an energizer and check the voltage in real-time from their phone.

Ease of use and simple functionality are must-haves in smart devices. Find a remote-capable device that will connect to a phone and is compatible with other farm tools, while also permitting multiple connections so more than one person can control the energizer.

Selecting the right level of reliable power is critical to keep power going up and out, and to ensure power is delivered where it is needed. When evaluating energizers, be sure to compare them on the same basis. A good idea is to compare energizers by their output energy.

Output energy = the amount of energy that is delivered to the fence.

Stored energy = the amount of energy stored inside the energizer. This does not necessarily relate to the amount of energy that is carried to the fence.

One joule of output energy powers approximately 10 km of fence wire, though this depends on the type of fence, the number of wires, climatic conditions, and the amount of vegetation surrounding the fence.

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