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Future trends with vegan wines

Vegan Wines

Future trends with vegan wines

Consumer expectations are continuously moving towards sustainable and natural processes on all levels. At the same time retailers are looking for products to satisfy these demands. 

Hastings-based Winery Representative Mark Cairns says these trends mean there’s a growing demand from New Zealand producers for alternative fining agents for wine, vinegar and fruit juices.

A European supplier, Erbslöh, offers a range of vegan suitable products guaranteed to be without animal components.

“The Erbslöh vegan fining agents cover all winemaking applications and process steps with equal or even better results compared to conventional products,” Mark says.

For example, the vegan suitable LittoFresh® clarification agents offer fast flocculation to shorten the sedimentation time and increase the degree of clarification. Tailored to fill specific roles, each LittoFresh product works selectively to protect aromatic components.

LittoFresh Origin is a pure phytoprotein with specific flocculation properties and increased reactivity to phenols in white and rosé must.

  • In white or rosé must, LittoFresh Origin absorbs oxidising phenols (brown colouration) and prevents loss of aroma, working in the same way as products containing casein.
  • It gently refines and balances the structure of red wines. In white wine, it refines aromas and reduces unripe, green notes. 
  • The protein used in LittoFresh Origin is a natural product obtained by gentle extraction. Its high purity ensures optimum organoleptic neutrality in wine.

LittoFresh Chito-Flot is a liquid blend of pea protein with added chitin-glucan. 

  • This produces quick and strong clarification during flotation and sedimentation. The flotation cake rises quickly and can easily be separated from the clear must. 
  • Due to fast flocculation, the sedimentation time can be shortened, and the degree of clarification increased. Fast and powerful clarification with either flotation or sedimentation.
  • It can be used for both fining and flotation, improving the treated wine’s organoleptic properties due to its capacity to adsorb masking components. Slight off-notes and flavours can be selectively removed, while at the same time enhancing the wine’s aroma.

Find out more about these and other vegan friendly winemaking products by speaking with your Fruitfed Supplies Technical Horticultural Representative. A copy of the Fruitfed Supplies Winery Ingredients Order List for 2023 is available upon request. All vegan suitable and BioGro registered products are clearly marked.