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Introducing Fruitfed Supplies' Machinery Product Manager Richard Flatman

Fruitfed Supplies Machinery Specialist

Introducing Fruitfed Supplies' Machinery Product Manager Richard Flatman

Richard Flatman (pictured) joined the Fruitfed Supplies team recently as the National Product Manager – Machinery, taking over from Les Rackley following his retirement.

Richard is based at the Richmond branch and travels nationwide to liaise with Fruitfed Supplies Representatives and growers about orchard and vineyard machinery, primarily Croplands sprayers and Orchard-Rite wind machines.

Richard’s background is primarily in the viticultural sector. He qualified as a mechanic after he left school, then studied viticulture at Christchurch Polytechnic. He went on to manage an array of large and small vineyards across New Zealand and Australia, often working to organic production principles. Several years as a viticultural consultant followed and he’s also spent some time growing hops before joining Fruitfed Supplies earlier this year.

While it’s still relatively early days for Richard as he gets to know supplier personnel and the wider Fruitfed Supplies team across the country, he says: “They’re a great bunch of people and some I’ve had dealings with previously from the other side of the counter.”

Richard knows it’s a tough business, growing a crop for a living. “I think my experience in agriculture, the many hours of fighting frosts, driving spray units and general agriculture machinery work adds value for the growers and Fruitfed Supplies Representatives I work with. I’ve felt the pain of losing crops to weather events, so I aim to help and support where and when I can with the excellent machinery offerings we have here at Fruitfed Supplies.”

To access Richard’s specialised machinery knowledge, either talk with your local Fruitfed Supplies Technical Horticultural Representative or contact Richard directly on 027 246 6344 or