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Maintain pruning equipment on orchards and vineyards

Orchards and Vineyards Ready for Pruning

Maintain pruning equipment on orchards and vineyards

As the autumn pruning season approaches, it’s a great time to review your pruning equipment and see what needs repair or maintenance.

An annual maintenance service for Electrocoup electronic pruning units is essential to ensure the warranty period is extended to three years.

Electrocoup manufacturers, Infaco, has service agents in Central Otago, Blenheim, Nelson and Bay of Plenty. 

“Simply talk with your local Fruitfed Supplies Representative about arranging for your Electrocoup pruners to be booked in for their annual service,” recommends Agritrade Territory Manager Aidan Fredericksen. “During the service, each unit is checked and upgraded where needed. You can go into the next pruning season knowing your unit is operational and ready to make your pruning work faster and easier.”

If you’re looking for a new Electrocoup unit, the current model is the F3020 which is lighter, more compact and easier to handle than the earlier F3015 version. 

“Operator safety is paramount,” says Aiden. “The Electrocoup F3020 comes with a wireless electronic safety system as standard. It utilises a conductive trigger so that if the cutting head touches the user’s opposite hand (bare or wearing a glove), the pruning shear blade opens instantly. 

“If you’re looking for greater efficiency when pruning your orchard or vineyard this year, talk with your Representative about a new Electrocoup. It offers the technology to speed up and improve daily tasks, record data, and reduce fatigue and workload among your pruners.”

Your local Fruitfed Supplies Technical Horticultural Representative has more information about the Electrocoup electronic pruners and the wide range of pruning tools available at your local Fruitfed Supplies store.