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Performance, Adult or Fit Body: Which Eukanuba™ dog food is right for your pet?

Performance, Adult or Fit Body: Which Eukanuba™ dog food is right for your pet?

Performance, Adult or Fit Body: Which Eukanuba™ dog food is right for your pet?

Around the lifestyle block, farm or orchard, your much-loved pooch may be a companion or a working dog. Depending on how much exercise your dog gets in a day, dictates what food is the healthiest option.

To help you choose the best option for your dog, here’s an outline of three dry meals available from Eukanuba™: Adult, Fit Body and Performance.

Firstly, why choose dry food? Well, one of the main benefits is dental health. Eating kibble encourages chewing, which improves digestion and helps clean your dog’s teeth. Plus, Eukanuba’s kibble is coated in sodium hexametaphosphate to bind calcium in your dog's saliva to help slow the formation of tartar between meals.

Eukanuba™ Performance

Active dogs get their energy from protein, fat, and carbohydrates, with nutrients that can be quickly absorbed by the body. So, if you have highly active or working dogs on your farm, they’ll need to be fed enough energy in a day to match the number of calories being burnt.

Eukanuba’s Performance offers you the choice of exercise or sport, both of which provide enough protein and fat for an adult dog to maintain sufficient energy levels for regular exercise. Performance contains high levels of protein (32%) and fat (22%) for energy, while amino acids fuel exercising muscles and support joint health. The inclusion of Omega-3 fatty acids keeps your dog’s coat and skin healthy.

Eukanuba™ Fit Body 

The Fit Body range is for dogs who easily gain weight. The meal contains L-carnitine and carbohydrates to promote a lean body, while animal proteins, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate support the muscles and joints. Plus, DHA and antioxidants support healthy brain function.

For convenience, choose from small, medium or large breeds. Depending on the size of your dog, the protein content in the meal ranges from 26 to 29% and the fat from 9 to 10%.

Eukanuba™ Adult 

Choose Eukanuba’s Adult Dry Dog Food depending on the size of your dog. Whether small, medium or large breeds, the meal meets the nutritional requirements of a dog according to its size. The ingredients support lean muscles and agile joints and contain a natural fibre and prebiotic blend to aid digestion. For healthy teeth, 3D DentaDefense reduces tartar buildup.

For small breed dogs, weighing less than <10 kg, the kibble provides high protein and fat levels to cater to their higher metabolism. Moving to medium then large breed, the fat and protein levels in the meal reduce. Small breed contains crude protein 28% and crude fat 18%, medium breed contains crude protein 26% and crude fat 15%, while large breed has crude protein 23% and crude fat 13%.

How to work out your dog’s body condition score

If you’re not sure what Eukanuba option may be right, working out your dog’s body condition score may be helpful. Here’s a brief guide on how to do this:

  • Assessing your dog’s body condition score is done both visually and by feeling (moving your hands over the sides of the rib cage down to their sternum or chest bone).
  • If your dog is an ideal weight, the ribs can be easily felt with minimal fat overlying. The waistline is visible from above, and an abdominal tuck is seen in the side view.
  • An underweight dog’s ribs can be easily felt with little or no fat covering them. Some of the dog’s ribs or pelvic bones can also be seen.
  • In contrast, an overweight dog’s ribs are difficult to feel through overlying fat, and their waistline is not well defined.  

Note about changes in routine and activity level

If your dog is resting or going from low exercise to lots or vice versa, you’ll want to consider a change in diet. It’s important to gradually change diets, so do so slowly over seven days.

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