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Planning an efficient stock water system

Planning an efficient stock water system

Planning an efficient stock water system

The National Policy Statement for Freshwater, 2020, from the Ministry of the Environment, also known as the Freshwater Policy, provides local authorities with direction on managing freshwater including stock exclusion regulations.

Given these impending changes, many farmers are thinking about ways to manage their current and future water needs. To ensure the long-term, sustainable use of water on-farm, farmers need to review their stock water system and consider if installing a new system or updating componentry will circulate water on-farm more efficiently. As well as meeting freshwater regulations, an efficient water reticulation system allows farmers to optimise animal health and farm productivity.

PGG Wrightson can assist with designing a reliable and efficient stock water reticulation system, with our team able to match the design and product specifications to the conditions found on-farm.

Planning the stock water system

To successfully choose and install a water reticulation system, here are some important questions to consider.

  • How can I optimise stock health and performance with the new system?
  • Are there any environmental issues to be considered?
  • What is the quantity of water to be delivered?
  • What are the desired flow rates and water quality to be achieved?
  • What are the locations the water is to be directed to on-farm?
  • What are the maintenance requirements?
  • What system will allow you to future-proof your farm?
  • Which system will provide you with the most cost-effective option?

With these answers in hand, visit your local PGG Wrightson store and speak to our team who have access to the technical knowledge and quality products to assist you with planning a customised stock water reticulation system. Our team will support you through the design process and manage the purchase and delivery of components on-farm, ready for installation.

Visit your local PGG Wrightson store to meet with one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives.