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Protecting pruning wounds in grapevines

Pruned grapevine

Protecting pruning wounds in grapevines

The wood-invading fungus Eutypa lata is present in most New Zealand wine grape-growing regions. Also known as Eutypa die-back or dead arm disease, Eutypa lata is more likely to be present in areas where rainfall exceeds 600 mm per annum.

Grapevines are rendered vulnerable to Eutypa lata infection during pruning when spores enter the vine via pruning cuts to slowly colonise woody tissue. The resultant canker spreads within the vine, limiting the flow of nutrients to the shoots, leaves and branches above the canker. Infected vines have a yellowed, stunted and distorted appearance due to various toxins produced by the fungus. If you cut through a stem the wood is typically stained brown. In time, foliar symptoms become more severe and lead to a decline in productivity and, ultimately, vine death.

Gelseal Ultra Spray-On is a gel-based pruning wound treatment combined with a fungicide that is applied as a foliar spray to offer an economically-viable option to protect the small pruning cuts that are not typically protected with the application of a brushon pruning treatment like Greenseal Ultra.

Gelseal Ultra Spray-On protects pruning wounds from fungal infection by giving the vine time to develop internal barriers to pathogen invasion. The product also contains boric acid, which inhibits the maturation of fungi by preventing spore formation, and tebuconazole, a DMI-Triazole (Group 3) fungicide that acts curatively by inhibiting the creation of sterols in fungal cell walls.

Talk with your Fruitfed Supplies Technical Horticultural Representative about Gelseal Ultra Spray-On’s role in helping prevent Eutypa lata.

ACVM Registration Number: Gelseal Ultra Spray-On #P009046. Read registered label before use.